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Monday, October 23, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 391 - Caregiver, Sometimes Nothing Works {#write31days}

You do your very, very best. You're kind and gentle, you look things up to try to understand your spouse's illness, you follow all of the directions the medical care team gives you...

...you pray.

And things get worse.

And you wonder if it's something you did, or didn't do.

And you wonder if you have enough faith for your prayers to be heard.

Please know this...it isn't you.

None of it. Illness happens, and getting worse happens. The care you give, the support you offer, are actually making things better, even if it seems like you're having no effect.

You see, you're working with one 'test subject'; there is no 'control group' for this process.

You see 'worse', and you think maybe it's you...but what you don't and can't see is how much worse it would have been if you hadn't been there, doing your best.

Rest easy, dear caregiver.

You're giving all you've got...

...and it's enough.

How about some music from the late, great Tom Petty, with Freefallin' ?

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  1. Barbara is giving more than enough. But it's important to remind her.

  2. Hi Andrew, I am enjoying your daily offerings. Thank you. I have a caregiver post I'll be posting two weeks from tomorrow. It really takes care plus giving. I agree with your synopsis. It would be much worse.
    Wish I could get my nlbrumbaugh.com to show up here again. My MeridianWoman blog is inactive. Oh well. Wishing you the best. Norma

    1. Norma, my dear friend, thank you so much. I will be watching for your post.

      I truly appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers. These days have been dreadful, and typing has become very hard due to severe chest pain; have to keep my elbows out which makes me loo like I'm doing the Funky Chicken.

      I love the name Meridian Woman. It's you.

    2. Thank you for the comment/compliment. When I first started writing and sharing my story, a former guy friend always called me Meridian instead of Norma. I liked it. He encouraged me to start a ministry to help people. He said I have a global message (hence, Meridian) that should be shared. It's nice to have people who believe in you.

    3. I believe in you, Norma. With all my heart. You've been my North Star of faith, more than once.

    4. That's encouraging. I'm glad you do. You are that for many. Still praying.

  3. Thanks for this message, Andrew. I'm sure lots of people besides Barbara need to hear it.