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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Freedom

These are the new blossoms on the mulberry tree Barb planted last summer. It made it through winter!

I have learned this, that courage is chosing not to run away any more.

And to run to something greater than one's own heart.

I wish that I were brave enough
that I might cry out to God
to say I'm not so very tough,
that being hard is just a fraud.
I wish that my veneer would snap
(it truly might be for the best),
that I'd weeping crawl into His lap
and lean my head against His chest.
I wish that I could pour my heart,
free it from its cage of fears
and feel the awesome beauty start,
my cleansing in His flowing tears.
I pray I may be reconciled
to being man enough to be His child.

And now I'm free.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is BREAK. Love to take one, but I'll write this first.

I didn't think that I would break,
and I didn't, this is true.
I just decided not to fake
my heart no more, for God nor you.
The nights are getting really rough,
and now I long for every dawn.
That blush of eastern light's enough
to keep my soul keep keeping on,
but I can't do this by myself;
I thought I could, yeah, what a dunce!
I put my pride back on the shelf,
and then I realized at once
that something had happened to me;
once my own slave, I was now free.

Three minutes fifty seconds, rounded up. I can live with it, and live well.

Music from Slim Dusty, with Waltzing Matilda.

 "I'm proud of you, Dad. You finally grew up." - Sylvia 


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Barb's Voice - Control The Emotion

Over to Barb. She'll be answering any comments you might care to make, under my name.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is FOLLOW. Following God's will, even when not liking it, is the heart of what, well, follows.

Andrew and I were having one of our deep conversations, don't ask me how it got started, this is normal and has been since day 1.  

The portion that became important for the blog went something like this.

Honey I so sorry you're not feeling well. I wish I could change it or fix it or you could go "Home". But God really doesn't care about how I feel about it. I've already cried over it, prayed more times than I can count, mourned over it. I still pray for you, usually in terms of: "Hey God can ya do something about it? Make it stop, reduce the escalation of pain, take him Home, Something!" All I can do is try to help the best I can. I'm not being disrespectful when I'm saying God doesn't care about how I feel about all this. Everything has to play out for the Bigger picture, you know I love You. I just don't have to like all the suffering. (Andrew didn't know but like many times before, once again I had an image of Mary the Mother of Jesus having to watch His agonizing suffering).  

I went to walk a dog or two and Andrew and I talked again. This time more him than me. The summation is this. Andrew basically doesn't like equating himself with Jesus and Jesus' suffering, mostly because Jesus' was for all mankind. I get that! Yet, I reminded Andrew that as true Children of God, who accepted His gift of forgiveness and grace, we reflect imperfectly Jesus to the world. So the suffering Andrew successfully endures...and as Andrew said writes about is a Jesus reflection.

So why blog it? The point is this, Paul tells us to give Thanks in All Things. But honestly in the midst of it, you have to stop your emotions! And I'm sorry, but some times pain overtakes the moment, even for Paul, or Peter, or Silas, or Stephen, or countless others. There is a moment in the midst of pain that pain ceases to exist strongly and one can stop the emotions. In this moment, you need to accept your feelings don't matter.

Music from Amy Grant, with Don't Try So Hard.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Hey Ho Here We Go

There is no-one to whom I owe
my laughter and good cheer.
Disagree? Well, you don't know,
mate, 'cause you are not here
to see the epic sufferings,
melodramatic pain
that this kind of cancer brings
when you're circling the drain.
Except maybe I got this wrong,
and made it all 'bout me,
when in truth I just belong
to larger community
that I see, in yonder looking-glass,
has strong call upon my...uh, donkey.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is STORY.

It is the story of my life,
I just cannot get a break
(eye-roll by The Barb, my wife),
but surely God's made some mistake
that looking like Asian Brad Pitt,
and with the grace of Jackie Chan,
I just cannot seem to fit
into Hollywood's big master plan,
that I could become rich like Croesus,
living in Aspen, or Bel Aire,
with entire island-leases
to take perhaps a Christmas there
with daiquiri in my hand
enjoying sun and surf and sand.

That was quick. Under three and a half minutes.

 It'll open in a new window.

Winnie's video left Sylvia exhausted and hungry. Ice cream time!

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Dancing Day

 I am a hippie and a thug,
and an accomplished dancer,
so watch me while I cut a rug
as I waltz with cancer.
We sashay 'cross the parquet floor
as the band plays on.
My partner herds me towards the door,
but it's not time I'm gone,
for sure not while the grace notes ring,
and mirror-ball shines bright,
and not while my heart can bring
all love and strength into the fight.
I know one day the end must come,
but until then, I'm having fun.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is CHOOSE. Easy.

On this day I choose to dance,
choose to whirl and pirouette,
and though it feels I have no chance,
this is not over yet.
On this day I choose to smile,
for frowning is a bummer,
and if I last a little while
I'll see another summer.
On this day I choose to write
about the Lord, who is my friend,
with whom I rather tight,
and on whom I depend.
And on this day I choose to laugh;
God's asked me for my autograph!

Two minutes thirty-seven.

Ah, why not. Dancing Queen!

Sylvia will dance for ice cream.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

On The Day Of Glory

Do you think about Heaven?

Used to be, I didn't. I figured, let it come. Whatever.

But now, wakeful from one in the morning until the dawn, too tired to read or watch a movie, needing to keep the house quiet so I can't work...

Yeah, I think about Heaven.

But mine looks different from what I've heard tell, with grand royal halls and angel choirs.

My Heaven's got more "Awww!" than awe.

My Heaven's more fun.

The cows that soar above the seas
on shining wings of purest gold
upon the day God will release
the greatest stories ever told.
The mice in regal splendour reign,
in purple robes and silver crowns,
and the cats that day will deign
to serve them cheddar, with no frowns.
And there the Son will have no car,
in no carriage shall He pass;
he will place a bright-jewel star
upon the brow of faithful ass
and side by side will walk with him
into the New Jerusalem.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is REACH. Might be a stretch for me.

Do you think you might reach Heaven
while your feet still walk this Earth?
Do you think good deeds are leaven
to give you just that much more worth?
Do you think it's a reward,
a glimpse into Eternity,
for a life that you bent toward
that which you thought that you should be?
It is not your deeds that give
you entree to the streets of gold,
nor is it the life you live,
doing what you think you're told;
no, my friend, to see that place
is a gift of God's own grace.

Three minutes ten seconds 

But Heaven's not mine yet. I've still got (music courtesy America) some Work To Do.

Sylvia knows there's ice cream in Heaven. How else could it be Heaven?