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Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Year Ahead

From what I have seen on social media, it's Goodbye, 2021, And Good Riddance.

So sad, for there WAS good in the year to which agendas blinded so many...and so many others felt powerless against a rising tide of hate, lies, and pride.

But the thing is, we're not irrelevant. We can set an example, and although we may never see it's effect in this world, we can know that we're being faithful to God in our every ordinary moments.

That's both enough, and required.

 We curse the year that's left behind
and fear what lies ahead,
and thus we wander, oh, so blind
to grace that we ain't dead,
for here we still have hope to alter
all of that which pricks, besieges,
if we let not courage falter
in temptation to what eases
grave concern and itching fear
that we might just be reduced
in the misty coming year,
and in this may be seduced
to the thought that what we bring
won't amount to anything.

Let's just have some musical fun with Yellow Submarine.

Sylvia puts intolerance and anger FAR below ice cream.


Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Sunny Side Of Life

Cancer ate my breakfast,
and I've got a hunch
that 'fore ending of this test
it's gonna eat my lunch,
but nonetheless I'm in a place
some think I can't afford,
grateful for the love and grace
I'm getting from the Lord.
Sure, dude I am ailing,
and I can't hardly talk,
and my legs are failing
when I try to walk
but my faith gives me the chance,
before my God, to sing and dance.

Here's my favourite Christmas carol, Better Days, from the Goo Goo Dolls.

Sylvia's up for singing and dancing, but first things first.

Ice cream!


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Belle And The Gemenids

I love meteor showers, and so, I think, would Service Dog Belle (who looks exactly like a seventy-pound German Shepherd puppy), if they didn't happen IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, DAD!

Thus, the Gemenids, in the wee hours of December 14.

 "The Gemenids are in the sky,
it's 4am, Belle, let's go see!"
The dog gave me the evil eye
and said, "Dad, are you KIDDING me?
Just to the porch if you insist,
we'll wait for one, and no more, please,
for, dear Dad, if you resist
I'm going to have to bite your knees."
And so we saw a meteor
trace bright in the empyrean,
then I was pushed back through the door
(Belle don't say what she don't mean).
"Let's get Mom, Belle, yeah, what say?"
"Do you, Dad, want to die today?"

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is ANNOUNCE. Ok, let's see...

Tell the world about His birth,
about His death and rising,
announce the Gospel to the Earth,
though some may be despising
your faith and all the joy withal,
claim it's a false construction,
and force your back up to the wall
and plan on your destruction.
But silence is not fitting here,
not even in the grimmest hour;
sing your praises strong and clear,
and know you need not cower
because the Lord for Whom you fight
brings dawn that ends the pagan night.

Five minutes on the nose. But whose nose?

Music from Oliver, with Good Morning Starshine. If you miss the Sixties, they're baaaack.

Sylvia prefers ice cream by day to shooting stars by night (but she and I once DID see a daytime meteor!).


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Some Day You De Windshield, Some Day You De Bug

A sad week, with Megan The Tank (a huge Aussie) slipping away. As I write this, with her next to me, and her canine friends next to her (she's not in pain), I think back to other, brighter days, and the dichotomy of life.

Yeah, some days you live the dream,
and some days you need a hug.
Some days you're the windscreen,
and some days you're the bug.
Some days you will run the table,
Vegas king or queen,
and some days you are just not able,
and Greyhound is your limousine.
Some days Fortune's daughters
will bless you with their smiles,
and some days in dark waters
hide hungry crocodiles,
but every day you walk this Earth
God's with you as He was from birth.

The quote 'some day you de windshield, some day you de bug' comes from Johnson Beharry, a Grenadian soldier in the British Army who won the Victoria Cross in al-Amarah, Iraq, in 2004, extricating the Warrior armoured personnel carrier that he drove from an ambush, thus saving the crew... after being shot in the head. Against the odds, Beharry survived.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is BEHOLD. Don't like to hold bees, but OK.

Behold the birthing of the Christ
in a stable dark and drear,
Heaven's palace sacrificed
so that Almighty might come near
the people wallowing in sin,
turning from the holy path,
and the only way to win
was to give the world a bath
of innocent and spotless blood,
a ransom paid without regret,
while angels' tears the world did flood
that the murder might beget
another chance for fallen Man
to escape the frying pan.

LESS than five minutes, and whaddya expect? Shakespeare?

Sylvia's sad, too, but still enjoys her ice cream. There may be a lesson there.

 Music from The Sandpipers, with 'Come Saturday Morning'.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Of Wives And Nicknames

Cancer's bad, and the best antidote is humour...in this case, thinking up nicknames for my dear wife.

 I shall now sing a hosanna
to celebrate my marriage luck,
for I am wed to Hambone Hannah,
Reigning Queen Of The Taco Truck.
She's faithful, kind, and gentle,
and cuts the fire-logs;
her faith is fundamental,
and she shares tacos with the dogs,
for they are her chosen fare
(she eats them by the bag),
and when you see her you will stare
for they do not make her figure sag,
so as a nickname, this one's fitter
than her previous, which was Critter.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is EXPECTATION.

I know what I now must face,
a fell dark expectation,
but I live in a state of grace,
and my heart holds elation
arising not from deep within,
but coming from above,
from the God who is my kin
and when push comes to shove
will be there to take my side
when life just gets too hard,
and I'll confront what will betide
with my Bodyguard
who at my final earthly breath
will take me home, defeating death.

Between five and six minutes. But better finished than not.

Music from Wall Of Voodoo, with 'Mexican Radio'.

Sylvia would rather have ice cream than tacos.