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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Belle And The Gemenids

I love meteor showers, and so, I think, would Service Dog Belle (who looks exactly like a seventy-pound German Shepherd puppy), if they didn't happen IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, DAD!

Thus, the Gemenids, in the wee hours of December 14.

 "The Gemenids are in the sky,
it's 4am, Belle, let's go see!"
The dog gave me the evil eye
and said, "Dad, are you KIDDING me?
Just to the porch if you insist,
we'll wait for one, and no more, please,
for, dear Dad, if you resist
I'm going to have to bite your knees."
And so we saw a meteor
trace bright in the empyrean,
then I was pushed back through the door
(Belle don't say what she don't mean).
"Let's get Mom, Belle, yeah, what say?"
"Do you, Dad, want to die today?"

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is ANNOUNCE. Ok, let's see...

Tell the world about His birth,
about His death and rising,
announce the Gospel to the Earth,
though some may be despising
your faith and all the joy withal,
claim it's a false construction,
and force your back up to the wall
and plan on your destruction.
But silence is not fitting here,
not even in the grimmest hour;
sing your praises strong and clear,
and know you need not cower
because the Lord for Whom you fight
brings dawn that ends the pagan night.

Five minutes on the nose. But whose nose?

Music from Oliver, with Good Morning Starshine. If you miss the Sixties, they're baaaack.

Sylvia prefers ice cream by day to shooting stars by night (but she and I once DID see a daytime meteor!).



  1. Yes, the good news about Jesus may not always be a message people want to hear but we have to keep sharing it. Praying that you know peace and joy in Him this Christmas.

    1. Lesley, thank you so much for this. Please pardon my late reply. I am not well.

  2. Andrew, may your hearts and home be filled with peace, comfort, and joy as you and yours celebrate Christmas!

    1. Joanne, peace and love to you and yours. And please pardon my delayed answer.

  3. O Come Let us Adore Him!! Merry Christmas. FMF #11

  4. Wishing you and Barb a very blessed and beautiful Christmas.
    Your sonnet about the Geminoids gave me a good chuckle.

    1. Grams, thank you, and Belle and I are glad we gave you a laugh!

  5. It was early August in the 90s on a clear night. My two children each had a friend spend the night. Dad and I set up reclining lawn chairs for the best view. I got them up at 4:00 am. Still wearing PJ’s, wrapped in thin blankets, sipping hot chocolate, we watched the Perseid Meteor shower. It was fantastic. We stayed out till the sun rose, then went to McD’s for breakfast.

    My children have families of their own and live very far away. I ask my husband if he wanted to drive out in the middle of the night to watch the meteor shower this past week. His response was that he would be asleep. I was a little sad. I wondered if my kids took the time to watch. I thought of how much fun we had. Then, I laughed.

    Yes, we did have fun. It was a spectacular meteor show that night, and I have a precious memory.

    1. Rhonda, thank you for sharing your childhood memory of the Perseids.

      Personally, I would sacrifice any amount of sleep to see a shooting star. They're magic.

  6. You're getting more prolific with the poetry each month, Andrew!

  7. We missed the meteor shower - I didn't know it was happening. Ratz.

  8. Andrew, I loved both of these poems. :) Belle sounds like such a character. I'm glad you got to see a meteor. I couldn't drag myself out of bed to look in the middle of the night.

    And your second poem is powerful. As I read, I thought about Mary and Joseph in that manger. I used to always picture it as quiet and filled with peace. But, really, how unrealistic is that? There were animals breathing, snorting, lowing. There may have been breezes blowing their chill into the place where they rested. Shepherds came, probably not completely quiet. Fear of discovery may have whispered through the air. And the baby's cries as He went from a warm womb to the cold world, as He experienced hunger for the first time. Our God is the God of peace but He doesn't promise quiet. I'm so glad He is the victor and the One who strengthens our spirits for the battle.

    I'm praying for you and Barb. May your coming days hold His peace.

  9. Jeanne, night skies always came natural to me. Daytime makes me sleepy.

    I love your meditation on the real manager. Spot on!

    God bless you and yours this Christmas, and always.

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