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Thursday, June 29, 2023


An interesting cloud formation, and Barb with Roscoe P. Coltrane.

Things have gotten a lot worse of late. Thought I was dying this afternoon. Don't think I did.

Scared, and don't want to leave.

I'm in good company.

He knew just where He had to go,
He knew about His Father's plan,
but this was His first rodeo,
and our Lord Jesus was a man
who felt the sunlight on His skin,
smelled raindrops in the early morn,
and how might even He begin
to see the fabric rent and torn?
His faith was good as it could be,
but even He did have to leap:
'I commend My soul to Thee!',
and in these last words He did keep
covenant with we souls that pray
for a path that leads beyond today.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is MUSIC. So let's make some.

I really thought I died today,
but there was grace between the fears
as from somewhere so far away
I heard the Music of the Spheres,
and beheld the shining orbs
as I sailed above the sun,
rising ever-lighter towards
the blessed union with the One.
And then I fell back through the sky
to gasp upon the kitchen floor,
glad to live, wondering why
the Lord of Hosts had slammed the door
to leave me at the edge of night
with yet another tale to write.

A touch less than three minutes, maybe because the experience is so vitally fresh.

Music from Manafest, with Every Time You Run.

Sylvia's faith is direct. Ice cream comes from God.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Choice

Yes, I will admit it's true,
that life's become a killing frost,
but I'll count up what I still can do,
and not add up what I have lost.
So much lies beyond my reach,
and sometimes I feel like crying.
Bur I must practice what I preach,
and although I would be lying
to say I don't miss that which was,
this new life is mine to choose,
and I'll look ahead because
when in regret one sings the blues,
those bitter tears are shed in vain,
corroding blessings that remain.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is ASPIRE.

All to which I had aspired
in an old and gone existence
has been mothballed and retired,
but not the Path of Least Resistance,
for there's more that lies ahead,
there is much that I must learn
in the former knowing's stead,
and only this way will I earn
the right to face the older man
in the crooked looking-glass.
Maybe he once had a plan,
but the years fall as I pass
what he had once held as truth,
hostage now to newfound youth.

Weird, but three minutes thirty.

Music from Steve Winwood, with While You See A Chance.

Sylvia thinks that as long as you can eat ice cream, all is right with the world.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Always Chasing Rainbows


I really like rainbows. When I see one here, I'll always call Barb out to look.

I even used a double rainbow on the cover of my novel Emerald Isle.

Rainbows are better than cancer.

I treasure my own rainbow;
it was given me by God,
and up and down it angels go
with feet quite neatly shod
in moccasins and bowling shoes
and gaily striped Adidas,
some packing heat (now this is news),
mainly old Henry repeaters.
They skate across the prism,
none staying in their lane,
and sing that He is risen,
and praise His holy name
giving thanks that we are now reborn,
as the rainbow ends the storm.

Why gun-toting angels? When I wrote this the only word I could think of that rhymed, more or less, with Adidas was repeaters. Since then I realized that I could have used, say, Doritos, but I'm really too lazy to change it.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is SUNSHINE. Goes well with rainbows.

The clouds ride on the eastern hills,
the valley sees the rain.
It is good, and as God wills,
but the storm does not remain,
and as the sun moves down the sky,
in sunshine is reborn
the message that came from on high
when Noah's world was torn.
Came the trauma and the Flood,
came the endless rolling seas...
then came the quickening of blood
and grace dropped Noah to His knees
when the promise shone its light
that all one day would be put right.

Four minutes and a bit.

Music from The Rolling Stones, with the oddly sweet She's A Rainbow.

McDonald's used to have rainbow syrup for ice cream. Sigh.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Missing Link

Another day,
another fall,
a new concussion protocol.

Things are getting hairy.

Someone give Darwin a call,
he surely won't know what to think!
We've gone and done and solved it all;
we have found the Missing Link!
He's been living quietly
among us lo these many years,
a member of society,
eating pizza, drinking beers,
bowling ev'ry Thursday night,
and off to church each Sunday morn,
tying wild hair very tight
(he can't bear to see it shorn).
He's been right here all this time,
and now he writes this very rhyme.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is HIDDEN. Can't hide from it.

I do not want to hide away
from that which is killing me;
I ask that I be kept in play,
and that I face quite willingly
that which may be yet in store,
those dread days that lie ahead,
and that I can still take some more
that some-one-where can live instead
a life that's free of pain and fear,
a life with future that is bright
with hope and all of those held dear,
while it is I to face the night
that by God's love and boundless grace
allows me to take their place.

Three minutes. I think about this sometimes, that maybe all the pain and humiliation of cancer got dropped on me instead of someone else.

Probably theologically really wrong, but if there's any truth in it, it's worth it, and I'd do it all again.

I'm not a good man. I just don't like seeing people hurt, and standing in the gap, that's not noble. It's my job.

Besides, some-one-where is a cool word.

The only appropriate music is the Blast From The Past rarity.

 Sylvia doesn't make mind living with an ape-man, as long as he understands ice cream.


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Better Days Ahead?

The last week has really wiped me out, and just for fun I dropped a great honking piece of steel on my foot... that foot which also had a stress fracture.

Oh, and there was the falling-out-of-bed-and-concussing-myself thing. Had double vision for a while, which was actually nice...two images of Barbara!

Anyway, on to the rhyming stuff.

"Your best days are ahead of you!"
So shouts Christian TV,
but there's no way this can be true;
leastwise, not for me.
But wait a sec, just hold on there.
Perhaps there's more here than I know,
and it might be quite unfair
if down the mockers' path I go,
for I may be a better man
now than before the cancer came;
less absorbed by my life-plan,
and less beholden to the shame
that I first felt as body frayed,
needing others' grace and aid.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is QUICK. Be done as fast as I can.

I was always quick to judge,
and hurled contempt upon the weak,
but God has given me a nudge,
and at His bidding I must seek
that part of me I hid within,
the part that, failing, could not stand
in the gap, and would not win
without a kind and helping hand,
and thus it was humiliation,
but needed, badly, all the same
to face the harsh illumination
of the truth by cancer's flame,
and though it cuts me to the bone,
I admit I can't do this alone.

The truth hurts. Good that it took less than three minutes to write.

Music, of course, from the Beatles, with Help.

 Sylvia, not being possessed of opposable thumbs, gladly accepts aid in holding her ice cream.