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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 386 - Caregiver, Share Your Heart {#write31days}

On the caregiving journey, you're carrying a heavy box.

It's heavy because it holds everything in your heart...the good times before illness struck your husband or wife, and the things that happened after...the heartbreaking test result, the days when hope was renewed, the crushing hours when you thought that hope was an illusion.

It's a heavy box.

And you dropped it, and it broke.

You can't gather everything up, and move on. You can't even make a sack out of your t-shirt to hold them.

So there you are, stuck amidst the wreckage of your sad and bloody heart.

Won't you share the burden with your friends, the people who have heard the crash, and are even now gathering 'round you, anxious to help?

Won't you please dole out those memories, carefully hand over the hopes and fears, so they can carry them with you on this dark path?

Won't you offer your friends the grace of their opportunity to be like Jesus, ye who labour and are heavily burdened...and whose arms can no longer carry it all?

Musical accompaniment from Skillet, with Awake and Alive.

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  1. Beautiful, Andrew. Sometimes we can just no longer contain it all ... all the apples start falling. And we have to let others pick up what we drop. I know that must be the hardest part of a man being sick ... because you are strong and independent, mostly dependent on God. You are so loved.

    1. Shelli, thank you so much for this...and you're right. It is hard to pass on to others what I must now drop.

      But maybe the biggest independence of all is acknowledging one's dependence on the Body of Christ, the hands and hearts of His people?