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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 387 - A Caregiver's Brave {#write31days}

"I don't WANT to be brave!"

This was Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane..."Please let this cup pass from me!"

It's incredibly trite, and I think a little heartless, to follow this up with something like, "But God had other plans."

I suspect that the truth was that humanity had reached a critical point and there was only one way to save it...and one Person.

Something similar is expressed in a scene from the classic 1964 film Zulu, about the defense of Rorke's Drift by just over a hundred British troops...facing 4000 Zulu warriors. The scene's 51 seconds long, and the important line comes close to the end.

And this is what you are facing, dear caregiver. You didn't ask for this test; it was placed on you by circumstance. God didn't just say, "Hmmm, let's find someone to break today!"

Illness comes with a fallen world, and the requirement for free will. We have to choose to be on God's side, even in the midst of the flames.

What we do isn't brave.

The choice is.

Musical accompaniment is courtesy Amy Grant, with Better Than A Hallelujah.

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  1. That is quite the video clip, Andrew!
    And yet, even if some deaths are braver than others, all deaths are inevitable.
    It is as you said, the how and why of what we do that matters most.
    "What profits a man to gain the world but lose his soul?"
    God knows what glory will come to Him through our trials. He may allow them knowing the outcome, though His plans are beyond comprehension. I don't presume to understand, but I have had His peace when the world was falling out from under me.
    As the hymn states "He never failed me yet."

    Just for fun, google the new song "Old Church Choir" by Zachary williams. Fun song!

    Barbara is Brave and Beautiful.

    1. Well-said, Tammy. And indeed, what profit, to gain the world and lose one's soul? Not much!

      I will look for the song. Thanks!

      Love back, from both of us.

  2. Catching up on reading your latest posts... I choose to comment on this one.

    When someone says I'm brave (for being Jerry's caregiver for so long), I tend to cringe. I've never liked the word. "I don't want to be brave!" With the latest of what's going on with Jerry, I know being brave is not exactly what's going to get me through this valley. But thank God He sent someone far more courageous to stand with me in this. I pray that many caregivers would know our Jesus so they have Him to help in the everyday fight.

    Keeping you and Barbara in prayer as always... interspersed with many Hallelujahs for good measure. :)

    1. Diana, thank you so much for reading, and especially for this comment.

      I agree with you; I'm not brave, I'm stuck here, and the only way forward is one step at a time, in the bootprints of Someone far braver than me. In His shadow I can get far further than I ever could alone.

      We so appreciate your prayers (and hallelujahs!); you and Jerry are in ours.