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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 390 - Caregiver, Bring The Light {#write31days}

While it's incumbent on the caregiver to carry the light of Christ to and for his or dying wife or husband, this is about something different...

Physical light.

One of the things I recently noticed during a recent power failure was that not having a light source at hand can be really inconvenient for a patient, and can also be dangerous.

Using the loo isn't a matter of convenient timing for me; if I need to go, right now, then I need to go.

Right now.

And if I did not have a flashlight near at hand, it would have been messy.

And perhaps also dangerous, because sometimes I'm often quite unsteady on my feet, and a fall could cause a setback from which there's no recovery.

So, dear caregiver, some suggestions...

  • Make sure your spouse has access to a light source at all times; you might be away from home, and he or she may depend on that far more than a healthy person would. You can use flashlights, a mounted fixture that will go on when the power fails, and lightsticks (the flexible plastic tubes that glow for about eight ours when you active them by bending.
  • Don't depend on candles. Shaky hands can make lighting a candle dangerous, and a patient can fall asleep (or pass out) and fail to extinguish a candle burning too low.
  • Even without a power failure as the 'driver', increase the lighting you have in areas where they may be needed. Use night-lights in the hallways and bathroom, and perhaps an under-the cabinet light or two in the kitchen.
  • Glow-in-the-dark lightswitches can also be very helpful
There's another aspect to light - and that is that someone close to death may find the dark oppressive. Allow for that where you can; it's very lonely to feel the pain of a terminal illness while waiting out a very long night. ight bring a measure of hope and cheer. This can be tough if your're sharing a bed; Barb now has her own room, partly because of my need for light (she also needs a peaceful place to sleep, and I get up a lot because lying own for any period of time hurts).

Light's important; be the messenger of the Light in spirit, but please look for ways to provide it in the practical sense.

So now over to Kari Jobe, with We Are.

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  1. So important. And as I type This, I'm listening to Kari Jobe on the Dove Awards.

    1. Thanks so much, Tara! And doesn't she have a lovely voice?

  2. Both the practical and the spiritual are so important. And I love this song- I haven't heard it before!

    1. Yes, Lesley...they are both vital. As James said, faith without works is dead, and adequate light is certainly neeed for 'works'.

      So glad you enjoyed the song!

  3. The light shines through your posts, Andrew. Thank you.

  4. I would have never thought to have glow sticks available! I like that idea of having them available for power outages regardless of health.

    Love me some Kari Jobe!

    1. Christy, glow sticks are something I swear by. You can even use them to read!

      So glad we have a Kari Jobe in our lives!