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Monday, October 9, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 377 - A Caregiving Plan? {#write31days}

Did Barbara formulate a plan when I got my diagnosis and prognosis?

Of course she did. And it soo had to go by the boards, because reality intruded.

I am so grateful for this; she wanted me to have a safe and spacious place, where I could do the work that was still possible (like writing), and take care of (and be taken care of) by some of the dogs, with the others in a warm and secure kennel building beyond the house.

She wanted my life to have ease, and effort only as I could apply it; not demanded of me.

And I am so grateful for her intention.

But it din't work out. bankruptcy put paid to the kennel, and special-needs dogs made it imperative that the canine living quarters were in the house.

And that my sleeping place would be with them,to hold their paws when they had nightmares, and to let them out when the fear of the past loosened bowel and bladder.

The desk where my computer would rest would become a tray-table, accessible only sideways, and then - due to the need for a landline as WiFi gave up the ghost - a spot on the kitchen counter, where I have to will myself to stand, and write. My knnes, as I write this, would like to buckle.
This blog hurts.

But there is a symmetry here,and the entree to purpose. There are things that are demanded, and I would not have lived as long withut them. There is discomfort, and I would have been the poorer in thinking that comfort was my ue.

The plans failed.

But we are winning.

And here's CCR with Bad Moon Rising.

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  1. Wow! I so relate to the plans not working yet I love your view that at the end of it all, the discomfort is not the end of the world. Blessings.

    1. Karen, thank you so much! You gave me a smile at the end of a very rough day.

      Blessings back!

  2. You are rich in love and life my friend despite all you are going through.

    1. Tara, you brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you, my dear friend.

  3. Our plans often go astray don't they? But God's plan is greater, even when we don't know it, understand it, or like it. But I trust one day we will know and that is enough.

    I've been reading along...loving your musical accompaniments; especially Kool and the Gang... We will cry, you will celebrate not good times, but the best time.

    1. Christy, you're so right...God has the biggest and best plan, and we just may not be tall enough to see it all just yet.

      So glad you are enjoying the music! I am having fun picking it.

  4. This is it, Andrew: "The plans failed. But we are winning." The epitome of life's wisdom. Once we figure out this truth, we're home-free. Thanks for sharing, brother.

  5. You know I pray for you every day, and I won't stop.

    1. Jan, I truly appreciate your prayers. This means the world to me. Prayer is really the most important thing going.