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Friday, March 15, 2013

The End Of The World As We Don't Know It

God's going to pull the plug on the world sooner or later. That much is certain.

It seems that a lot of prominent Christians want to hurry him along. If you follow any amount of Christian television, or listen to K-LOVE of Family Life Radio, you'll get the repeated hammering message that we're definitely living in the last days.

Everything's being shaken. There are signs, signs, and more signs.

It should be sobering, and a bit scary. Instead, it's becoming rather silly.

Pointing to the 'increasing number of cataclysmic earthquakes', for example, as a marker for the fact that the very earth is 'groaning'.

Uh...no. Seismic activity is something that varies quite a bit, for reasons we don't fully understand, and we're not really seeing a marked increase in events. We do record more, because that, at least, is one thing we've learned to do rather well.

And wars? Sure, there are quite a few, but all of them, at present, are rather small-scale (though not to the people caught in them). South Sudan may be nasty, but it's not Armageddon.

Some people claim to have identified the Antichrist, just to top everything off, as a European diplomat connected with the EU. Justifying this is the claim that on March 23, all Americans will have to have a chip implanted that carries all health and personal information, including bank account information.There's even a picture.

Scary! And not even remotely true. The cited law, the Medical Devices Registry Act, was put forward to track the performance of things like artificial hips. There's no implant. March 23 will come and go like any other day. And the picture shows a device for measuring blood glucose in diabetics.

It's not new. The end of days has been predicted since Christ ascended. around 1900, the town of Santa Barbara, California was thrown into a panic because the letters "PCR" appeared overnight on a hillside. Prepare for Christ's Return!

Alas, no. It was advertising for Painted Cave Resort.

If you look at the Billy Graham Crusade "classics", in the 1980s Reverend Graham was talking about the doom of man as witnessed by the Soviet threat, and the spread of AIDS. But the Soviets are long gone, and not many people fear the still-deadly AIDS virus, since it's pretty easy to avoid.

Jesus said that no one, not even He, knew the hour of His return.

I think He meant for us to keep working until He got back.


  1. Very few people alive remember the rise of Communism and the dirty 30's and WW2. The entire world was upside down. Millions upon millions of people died. And yet, now? We're in the last days? Ha, what a joke.

    1. It's a joke, but I doubt God is very amused. I suspect He's rather disappointed that so many of His blessings are ignored, or deliberately cast aside, to prove the point that life today is blacker than black.