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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back To The Future

Sometimes I wonder what year it is.

While I generally write contemporary romance fiction, I also have done some historical stuff, and for that I do a lot of reading about the periods of interest (WW2 and the Civil War). A lot of reading.

My 'other job' is working on airplanes - typically old ones. The technology I use was mature by the 1930s, and the tools would be instantly familiar to a craftsman of that time. No computer-controlled machinery - can't afford it.

No fiberglass - don't like it.

One of the results is that a part of my worldview is firmly stuck with the clock set back about seventy years (and I'm not old enough to have lived through those years). It would be a conceit to say that I'm more a 'person of that time', but it seems safe enough to say that insofar as relating to the modern digital high-speed world, I sometimes feel like a fish out of water, and my wife says that sometimes I'll say things that belie a distinct lack of connection with Today./

I wonder - how many other writers go through this? Is the historical aspect of your work simply part of the job, or has it taken a part of you back, with no visible road back to the present?

If you'd like to share - I'd love to know.


  1. I've been pondering this all day. It's taken me back and I refuse to leave until I've made somebody , anybody, stand up and listen.