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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silent Thunder

Living our faith is hard.

In much of what we do, we get feedback - from our spouse, from our boss, from our friends.

But God rarely writes anything on our Facebook wall. We have faith, and live in that faith, but there are times when it feels like a tightrope walk through the fog. We can't see where we're going, or where we've been.\

The fall below us may be lethal, or we may be a foot off the ground.

So a lot of us decide to push the issue, just a bit, and live our faith out load. We drop names and actions, interspersing our conversation with Scripture the way Churchill use to use Shakespearean tags to impress visiting Americans.

If we can't impress God enough to make him give us a pat on the back, we're perfectly happy impressing one another, and maybe we can even get a hug!

There's an innocent charm to this, because what we're saying is "Daddy, look at me!"

But we're not children any more, and we're expected to put away childish things.

We have to know that the fastest action lies in perfect calm, and the most thunderous noise in silence and stillness.

We have to accept that the most perfect rescue lay in the desolate abandonment Jesus felt on the Cross - because it was not only Christ who was delivered from the last enemy.

We all were. Greatness writ in the silence.

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