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Monday, April 1, 2013


Dealing with illness has changed a lot of my life - not the least of which is the way the hours of each day are scheduled.

I used to go to bed at about midnight, and woke at 0630. When I was teaching, it was a pretty decent way to approach the day.

But a couple of funny things happened - I lost my job, and my health. Suddenly self-employed, I could set my own hours, and suddenly unable to sleep more than an hour at a time, I had to set my own hours!

It was tough, since one gets used to the night-day cycle. Suddenly I was awake through much of the night, with nothing to do. But...why not make it part of the working day?

Seemed to make sense, so I started writing by night, and welding by day, with the occasional hour of an uneasy doze thrown in.

So far, it's working. And I've learned that I never really needed large blocks of sleep, and never needed the statutory 90 minutes required to attain REM sleep. My brain might not be generating alpha waves, but I don't feel the lack.

What I have gained is the very different atmosphere of the night. At night, one's both physically and metaphorically alone. There's no prospect for interaction, so every evening becomes the road to a small, specific hermitage.

And every morning, I get to watch the false dawn light the sky, followed by the actual dawn.

What would I give for a good night's sleep?

Not much. I'm too busy enjoying the night!


  1. One thing I LOVE when I'm in Bolivia, is to go outside and watch the night sky. The stars are all different. There is zero ambient light from any city. It is incredible.
    I'm a night hawk by nature and wish I could stay up in the silence and just be, but my world demands me to be a day bird. Annnnd I like sleep.

    1. Sounds great! I like the silence, too.

      I don't like sleep. There's too much to do, and now not enough time left to do it.