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Monday, April 22, 2013

I Want A Miracle

I want a miracle. I want to be healed. I want to sleep through a night, and wake without pain. I don't want to puke blood. I don't want to face the terror of an illness that has been promised to kill me, unpleasantly.

I want to be able to walk into the backyard with the dogs, and not have to wonder if they'll have to drag me back to the door (which they have done, more than once).

I want to live.

And so far, God's answer has been, No.

It's easy to be angry, and to wonder why I hear about miracles on TV and the radio, to read about sudden instant healings that leave their recipients joyfully contemplating a vista of years. The only way I'm going to get years is to gut it out, and refuse to quit. That gets real old real quick.

Why did you say no, God?

I know the answer now. I'm supposed to talk about this, and write about it, and tohold up a light that shows that God is good, even hen times are bad.

Becasue He is good. And he did give me a miracle, even though it took awhile to realize what it was.

He gave me the miracle of being willing to carry on, and to maintain a standard of honor, decency, and fair play. He gave me examples, in books, of people who bucked up and kept going, even when the night was dark, in the faith that there would be a morning.

Even if that morning comes in the world to come.

He gave me a wife who cares enough to let me fall, and get up by myself.

He gave me a heart for faith, that I never suspected was there..

God picks all of us for a purpose, and a destiny. Fulfilling that purpose - that's up to us. But if we choose to pick up the tools He's laid before us, and walk the path He's signposted just for us, we'll never work, or walk alone.

And I am the luckiest, most blessed man I know.

There's your miracle.

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