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Friday, April 12, 2013

Casting Mountains

Jesus said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, nothing would be impossible - that we could order a mountain to be removed into the ocean, and we'd be obeyed.

So why don't we see mountains being summarily excised from our landscape?

Simple. We don't have a mustard seed's faith, and none of us ever will.

A mustard seed has perfect faith. It is secure in the knowledge that, given the right circumstances of soil, water, and sunlight, it'll grow.

We don't. In everything we do, we always have the serpent of doubt. It was planted in our souls a long, long time ago by the Enemy, and the whole of history - and our potential - after that point has been changed, and diminished.

Most of us have probably tried. We've looked at a mountain, or even a rock, and told it to go jump in a lake. It didn't, and we felt a tinge of disappointment.

In our best moments, we can almost rid ourselves of the serpent's presence, but until we reach the point where we put on Christ permanently, the enemy's presence will always be lurking in the recesses of our faith, waiting for the slightest opportunity to trip us.

Those 'almost perfect' moments in our lives are more common than we think. They're marked by coincidences that aren't statistically possible, and by events that help us, for which we have no explanation.

Miracles, to put a name to the face we see.

So could one of these miracles coincide with the trial we made, to get the mountain to go to the sea? Maybe, somehow, possibly?


The attempt we made, even if it was in one of our spiritually purest moments, even if the doubt was gone, was doomed to failure, because in it, we put God to the test. That's a major no-no.

The miracles we go receive, the answers to our prayers that do come, are granted us for the things we really need - or, more precisely, for the things that God needs for us.

When He needs you to start tossing mountains, He'll let you know.

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