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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vote For ME!

Well, the election's almost here. Still don't know who to vote for, for the presidency? Vote for ME! Just write my name in there...

I mean, why not? I'm a pretty decent person, and would rather see harmony than strife. I like animals, get bored by zealots, and think that pageantry, pomp and ceremony are a waste of time.I think people who want to take crosses off public lands are stupid nasty spoilsports...and I think those crosses should be joined by Stars of David and Islamic Crescents. This country needs to stand for the free practice of every religion...not just militant atheism.

I'd love to be able to say that the government which governs best, governs least. It's no longer possible, though, since there are entities in the media which will step into any vacuum and exercise proxy government by shamelessly manipulating public opinion. The Jeffersonian Ideal was great - in Jefferson's day. If we tried it today, the people who run Facebook and Google would be running the country.

I'd love to say I believe in the working harmony of the international community. Well, I don't. A lot of governments out there would love to see the United States diminished, and we just don't have to listen to them.

Enough generalities. If elected I promise to:

  1. Work toward cutting congressional salaries and pensions, and increasing those for teachers, police officers, and firemen/
  2. Work towards repealing Obamacare. Not that I don't believe in a national, comprehensive health program, but I would like to see one that might actually work before trying to implement it. - and the president and Congress should be the first to be included in it.
  3. Stomp the Iranian nuclear weapons program, hard.
  4. Tax companies that send jobs overseas, to the point that they lose money by doing so.
  5. Let the Bush 'high-income' tax cuts lapse...BUT use those tax revenues to by the equivalent of 'war bonds' in the name of the taxpayer, so they get that money back, with interest.
  6. Make sure that all government employees who have contact with the public are monitored for good manners.
  7. Support PBS and the NEA - we need them, even if we disagree with them
  8. Work to permit prayer in public schools - the public education system needs all the help it can get, and I'm being serious.
  9. Work to abolish 'No Child Left Behind'.It's just an excuse for passing kids who don't have an education through the system. Kids need the basics - reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with US history. The rest is gravy, if the educational system's already in disarray.
  10. Support the Second Amendment as an individual right to bear arms - people have an inalienable right to defend themselves and their families.
Ten reasons are really enough. Most voters choose their candidate on one or two issues.

But whoever you vote for, please get out and vote. Not everyone in the world gets to do that.

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  1. Another reason that I'm glad to be from the "True North, Strong and Free". That and I can ski in July. WATER ski, that is.