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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Red-Letter Daze

"Some people think the red-letter passages in the Bible are enough. They're not! We need doctrine!"
Uh...can we hold it right here? Thanks.

It might be the time to point out the obvious, that without the red-letter parts of the Bible there would be no need whatsoever for doctrine.

And without doctrine, the red-letter parts of the Bible would stand quite well on their own merits. What St. Paul said in his epistles was quite important, both as one man's experience of faith and as a historical document on how the early church was formed and nurtured...but to put them anywhere near the importance of the Jesus' recorded words rather misses the point.

Doctrine is nice, but it isn't necessary, because we are not in the business of building churches.

We are in the business of being the active hands and feet of God in this world, of showing His love to our fellow creatures through our actions.

Sorry, I think I just kicked another sacred cow. yes, actions.

There is that interesting question He asked..."Did you visit me in prison? Did you care for me when I was sick?"

"When you did this for the least of My people, you did it for Me."

NOT "when you prayed about visiting me...not when you raised your arms up and "gave me your life".


Opera non verba. Deeds not words.

And not doctrine.

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