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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dead Kids Don't Matter

It's been a month, or less, since the massacre at New Town. Back to business as usual.

The dead are being used as a political football, a talking point to advance the agenda of gun control advocates, and by conservatives to decry the lack of security in schools.

But about the victims and those who grieve for them...no one cares.

Why can I say that? Because we live in a society that systematically victimizes children. We start with a media that feeds them - deliberately - whatever it'll take to coarsen their souls, and demands that right under the banner of Freedom of Speech.

The average age foe a child to be exposed to pornography is eight. EIGHT. This is freedom of speech? This is what our best and brightest died to protect?

We make explicit sex and violence available on network TV, and prime-time commercials are rife with innuendo that would not have appeared in an R-rated movie in the 60s. We make it available, because we watch the shows, and buy the products. Corrupting kids is good business, and we get to see the shows that titillate us. We get to see the skin and the guns.

We allow schools to be underfunded, and preserve the rights of bullies and gang members to intimidate kids who may actually want to learn. We allow this, by voting for candidates who have no real understanding or interest in education. How many teachers are in Congress? And how many lawyers? I think I made my point.

We have "serial child rapists" in our communities. They're supposed to register with the police...and few do. And we tolerate the existence of "serial child rapists".

The speeches will go on for awhile, and pompous politicians will stand in front of photo-montages of terrified children being led from that place of death, trying to introduce legislation that will define their careers.

But...caring about our children?

Yeah, right.


  1. Honey, in my honest opinion, anyone who willingly hurts a child should be either shot, or given to the parents or loving family of that child. Or me. I'll take care of things.

    1. I agree. Mistreatment of children should be dealt with using coldly applied savagery that would terrify anyone thinking of committing the same sort of act.

      There are people who can be rehabilitated, and there are people who can't...and there are categories of crimes where the only civilized answer is "Rehabilitate? Why bother?"