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Monday, January 14, 2013

Faith Of The Weary

It all seems like too much.

"You've got to have a personal relationship with Jesus!"

Yeah? How?

The advice is probably good...but the execution is impossibly hard. I've tried to picture Jesus as present in my life. I've tried to see Him walking with me, watching over me when I sleep. Even going for a run with me.

I've read the Bible, more than anyone who knows me would guess. I lost Him, more than found Him there.

And then, unexpectedly, He turned up. On a particularly hard day, when it took everything I had, and more, to take care of the residents of our Pit Bull sanctuary, when I was vomiting blood into the bushes while walking the guys, I was thinking that so many of the dreams and hopes I had hadn't come true, would never now come true.

But look who's on the end of your leash. You traded your dreams for his life, and the lives of the others whose barking is a happy chorus, the soundtrack of your life.

I suppose, I thought.

When you did it for the least of My creatures, you did it for Me.


  1. Why do you excel in making me want to cry?

    1. Because we teach best that which we most need to learn.