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Monday, October 15, 2012

End of the Beginning

Finished! Another book done. All I have to do it check for edits and continuity, and it's ready to shop.

It's funny. When I finished Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart I felt a sense of genuine sorrow. The characters I'd lived with for so long would now fade from my life...their stories were no longer my story. It took awhile to get past the slightly empty feeling. It was weird, and unexpected.

But now, after three more complete novels, that feeling's gone. My characters are all still with me. They're not me - but they're friends I seem to have met along the way. And - it gets weirder - I have a feeling that in their fictional universes, they have lives that continue on.

Makes me wonder about the creative process. Are we making up worlds, or are we tapping into something that already exists in God's heart, and that He's using us to express?

If anyone's interested in reading a few sample chapters, please let me know. It doesn't have a title yet, but it's an adventure story...after all, isn't falling in love the greatest adventure we have in our lives?


  1. Don't know how you blog almost daily, and deal with life, and get books finished. Congrats!

    1. Pain usually keeps me from sleeping much. May as well blog! My wife won't let me weld in the house, and the shop's got no decent lights yet.