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Monday, September 2, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 666 - The Value Of Civility

One thing I have learned through illness is how much I value civil discourse...and how much I mourn its passing.

The world we knew is at an end
and I fear what lies ahead,
for there's an evil doth portend
when civil grace is dead.
I'm told I must rise up in malice,
destroy my neighbour's traitor-heart;
but in drinking from this poisoned chalice
it's I who'm torn apart.
Is there a way we yet might save
ourselves from this benighted fate,
or are these passing years the grave
of a good recognized far too late?
If I care not to cede the victory
a kinder world must start with me.

Music from the Grass Roots, with Temptation Eyes. Apropos nothing, but I like the song, and hope you will, too.

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  1. Andrew, wise words and spot-on perspective. We can be the change-makers in our world. Maybe not in the broader world, but in the sphere where God has placed us. It's in civil discourse that we can hear and share differing opinions and thoughts. When did we as a culture become so afraid of a different viewpoint?

    I'm praying for you, friend.

    1. Jeanne, you're so right. We may not immediately afect the wider world...but like a stone tosed into a pond, the ripples of our decency may one way reach shores we never imagined.

      Thank you so much for your prayers...today was the worst, by far.

  2. True, true, true. Thank you for speaking what is in my heart.

    1. My dear Norma, thank YOU for being here, and for being my friend.