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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 673 - Old Service Dogs

We all age, and as impossible as it may seem, our dogs age with us.

Even service dogs.

So there's a new generation-in-training, with the older ones showing the pups the ropes.

He’s a little bit incontinent,
and she gets lost in the backyard,
but when the puppies get impertinent,
they slap them back, quite hard.
They’ve earned idiosyncratic rights,
and places on the couch.
They’ve stood by through my hard nights
and none of them’s a slouch.
They’re passing on the caring torch
for their person, now so ill.
But you won’t find them on the porch;
they’re still working, with a will.
They train the young’uns for their duty,
and in their age, they shine in beauty.

Music from the Little River Band, with Reminiscing.

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  1. Andrew my friend is with me for summer and more with a husky. He went through some service training in Florida, but now a switch of trainers is turning out disastrous. Real meat for a treat instead of packaged ones from the pet store has brought out the carnivorous nature. He is out of control. My friend is at wits end. Hey, any suggestions for a dog with PTSD? Love it that they work with you and not against you.

    1. Mary, please forgive my delayed reply...and wow, that can be a tough situation. Firm but kind handling and a return to packaged treats is the starting point.

      We have a Husky. They're different, and need a LOT of patience. They're very smart, an have to be convinced to work. They need to see the reason for it, and cannot ever be forced.

  2. I've known some people who don't understand how we can love our dogs as much as we love humans. Those people are missing out on something HUGE!

    1. Jan, you're absolutely right. The relationship that we can have with dogs adds a huge new dimension to life.

      I have a lot of trouble talking now, and the dogs are able to understand the smallest of hand-signals, and sometimes anticipate by a change in my body language or body position what they need to do next.