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Monday, September 23, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 675 - What Can't Be Cured

It's a fact that not everyone gets a healing miracle, at least not the physical kind. There's the 'healing of the heart' which is, I think, a lot more commonly offered than we might imagine, but many reject it because it's not the miracle they want.

But it's the one Jesus got, on the cross.

He went from

Father, why have You forsaken me?


Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit.

I know that I am falling fast,
and it seems I can’t be cured,
But I shall make the moments last,
and to the end I’ll have endured.
This is not some sobbing tragedy,
for we live in shadow of the Fall,
and death shall come for you and me,
but Christ, He died to save us all.
I hold to what the Good Book says,
that God’s mission was completed
over those grim and glorious days,
at the end of which, death was defeated.
The pain is fierce, but it’s transitory,
and it writes not ‘finis’ to my story.

Music from Phil Wickham, with This Is Amazing Grace.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder that healing comes in various forms ... and the one we crave most is not always the most needed.

    Bless you, Barbara, and the lads this afternoon, friend.

    1. Linda, I'm starting to figure that it's what God needs from us that rules.

      And He may need a lot.

      Blessings back from all of us (and my newfound Service Mouse, who went from feral to a faithful little friend).

  2. Andrew, your poem is full of truth. I'm so sorry you are failing fast. You have been such a blessing to me and many others. May God wrap you and Barb in His loving arms and draw you close, giving comfort and peace. Love and hugs to you both!

    1. Gayl, God is here, and though things go from bad to worse, I am not alone.

      Love and hugs back!

  3. Never, never give up. We need your encouragement and inspiration.

    1. Jan, I won't quit. First, on principle, and second, beacuse I'm having WAY too much fun.

      Just dyin' to live large!