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Monday, September 9, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 669 - The Only Scars That Matter

I have a LOT of scars. My arms look like an old Texaco road map.

I used to look upon them with pride, for, in truth, many were honourably earned...but the further I get into this dying thing, the more I learn that having scars isn't the point.

For mine can never match His.

They say it with grandiloquence,
they're honoured marks, or stars,
but to me it makes no difference
for all they are is scars.
Some were gained in righteous fight,
and some came from being slow,
but they do not gainsay any right
a garland to bestow.
The only wounds that truly matter,
that should in reverence appear,
are that did innocence shatter
made by nails, thorns, whip and spear.
Pierced and stabbed, with thorny crown,
His scars remain to dismiss our own.

Here's Elvis, with The Old Rugge Cross.

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  1. Oh yeah. For sure, Andrew.

    Ours can never come even close to matching His. And if they've come from some kind of perceived victories, we lay our trophies down.

    And marvel at His incredible love for us ...

    1. Linda, you said this perfectly, that they're only from our perceived victories...and He has won the victory that really counts.

  2. Andrew, it's funny. Scars have been on my mind too. And I have another blogging friend who just wrote about them. I like your take on them. Our scars shouldn't earn us accolades. I believe they are reminders of what the Lord has brought us through, but they also remind me of the scars my Savior "earned" for my salvation. Beautiful post, my friend.

    1. Jeanne, what an interesting confluence of thought! I agree that they're reminders of what we've been through, and even more reminders of the price He paid...and in the end, we won't need ours any more, in His company. His will suffice.