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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 319 - To Pass Through Heaven's Gates

This weekend was definitely too much. Too much pain, too much dread, too much fatigue, too much nausea...and so on.

It was as much s I could do, sitting upright and getting from minute to minute...and sometimes I could not even do that.

Only, lying down I couldn't breathe.

And I re-learned a very important lesson - sometimes all you can do really IS all you can do.

I was once a high achiever, and considered relaxation, not to mention vacations, a waste of time. Four hours of sleep was plenty, and I could go, go, go for the rest of the day.

Things have changed. I sleep less, but pain and tiredness proscribe movement to the point where just being able to pay attention for a full houir-long Star Trek rerun is quite an achievement.

I was tempted to compare me-now with me-then, and there were times when I felt so very diminished in my worth.

But then came the epiphany - and it is re-delivered from On High when needed.

As long as I am doing my best, it's enough.

There are no winners and losers here; he who dies with the most toys, or the most completed projects, doesn't win.

He dies.

And what he takes with him is the love that was given and returned.

The love that had to start with a gentleness to himself.

Love thy neighbour as thyself is not an empty phrase.

It may well be a requirement for being able to appreciate Heaven.

Still hoping to get the new and improved version of Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart up and running in the near future. Just haven't had the energy to do it yet...but if you would like to read it, please say so in your comment and I'd be glad to send you a PDF (which should fit your Kindle).

I have another blog, "Starting The Day With Grace". The focus is a grace quote from someone you might not expect (like, say Mick Jagger) and a short commentary. I hope you'll join me.

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  1. Amen, Andrew. Sometimes I just need the powerful and simple reminder as long as I'm doing my best, that's enough. I appreciate your words this morning. Thank you. But, I'm sorry the weekend was a rough one for you. I'm lifting you in prayer this morning. Praying God eases your pain and allows you peaceful rest. Keep sharing and making a difference in the ways you do!

    1. Julie, please pardon my delayed response, and thank you so much for this comment...and most especially for your prayers. They mean a lot.

  2. Ultimately, just "to be" is enough. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

    1. Said perfectly Lisa. A lot of pressures from man but not from God. Love Thy Neighbor, Love One Another, ultimately was for life on Earth making Heaven even more glorious. Hope you feel better Andrew.

    2. Lisa, thank you so much for being here.

    3. Sophie, you're so right...God has high expectations, but is easily pleased by even the smallest progress we make.

      Thanks so much for the good wishes, and for your presence here.

  3. Andrew, you are amazing! Sending (very gentle) hugs and prayers your way.

    1. Jan, the prayers and hugs are o welcome! It has been a hard week.

  4. "As long as I am doing my best, it's enough." Dear Andrew, thank you so much of reminding us of this. We don't need to compare with others or with our former selves. What we have is now and we do our best with what we have and God is pleased. I would love to read Blessed Are the Pure in Heart! Your work is amazing. May God bless and send comfort and peace, and healing if He wills. Hugs and love to you and Barb! I was pretty late with my FMF post. Just got it out tonight, but I'm so glad I read yours!

    1. Gayl, loved your FMF post...it was terrific!

      You're very right, that comparison is simply unnecessary...and it's always harmful.

      Thank you so much for your kind and gracious words, and especially for your prayers.

  5. Andrew, such wisdom in your words (again). And yes, doing our best is enough. God doesn't ask for perfection. He wants us leaning on Him as we do what He's given us to do.

    And this: "Love thy neighbour as thyself is not an empty phrase.

    It may well be a requirement for being able to appreciate Heaven."

    I'd never thought about this verse in that way before. Thank you for sharing your insight, my friend. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending gentle hugs your way.

    1. Jeanne, yes! He wants us to lean into Him, and to turn away from a perfection we try to define for ourselves.

      I so appreciate the prayers, my friend. It's been a miserable week.

  6. Andrew ... these are the times when we realize that we are simply human beings. The emphasis on 'doing' is pushed to the side, who we are in the depths of our souls is what counts.

    Praying for you even as we speak ...

    1. Linda, you said this so beautifully..."...when the emphasis on doing is pushed to the side, who we are in the depths of our souls is what counts."

      Love that! And thank you so much for the prayers.

  7. Andrew,

    I read your name on a comment you made "Mundane Faithfulness". I clicked on your name to find out a little more about you as I felt led to pray for you.

    I learned about loss very early in my life losing a sister when I was 4. I remember it vividly and the experience of it has shaped my life. I am now 50.

    You are wonderful with words. I also love Jim Croce (sp) and will never listen to it the same again.

    I will be praying for you. ... Your words leave a legacy. You leave a legacy to be sure. It is apparent. Your words are a great reminder to me to live each moment with big love.

    Although your days are full of hard I want to remind you that you are a glorious temple. You are sacred and known by the Father. He is with you.

    1. Kay, thank you so much for this, and for sharing how deeply your early loss affected and shaped you. I'm honoured that you chose to speak of it here.

      I truly appreciate your kind and grace-filled words, and most especially your prayers. And I definitely do feel the Almighty's presence here; the more so as the pain increases (like, say, this morning!).