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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Your Dying Spouse 529 - Cancer's Blessing

Things are kind of bad today, fever up, pain up, and it's hard to see a 'good' outcome in this life.

However...may I offer a comment I made on today's Steve Laube Literary Agency blog, which pretty well defines where y heart is?

"Only this crucible could have taught me so much, and the greatest of these lessons is how to truly give, receive, and treasure Love.
"The love of my family, my friends, and the everlasting Love of the Almighty.
"I would not have missed this for the world."
For music, how about Pat Benatar, with We Belong?

Please pardon my slow response to comments. I do my best, and your comments are really precious to me. Barb is answering many of them now. I'm running on fumes, if you don't mind a macho metaphor.

I'm grateful for the energy to have written this. I'm so glad Barbara's stepped in for many of my posts. I'm really not doing well at all.

Thanks to Carol Ashby, Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart is back on Kindle, and will be available in paperback soon.

Friends are everything. I couldn't have done it.

Marley, the canine waif from Afghanistan, whom WE helped save, has a Facebook page! Please drop by to see how happy he is today.

If you can, please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

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  1. (((Andrew)))
    Rest until you are ready to move on...
    and then, when it's the right time:

    Peacefully, sleep comes
    To a dear, beloved heart.
    Quietly, we understand
    The time has come to part.
    Tenderly, the love shines on,
    A never-ending light.
    Gratefully, we feel its warmth,
    And say, "Sweet dreams, good night."

    1. ((((((Annie!))))))

      Thank you so much for this. It's just lovely. You've got a heart as big as Texas!

  2. Andrew, that anonymous poster was me, Annie in Texas.
    I forgot to sign!
    Oh, by the way, do you like Garth Brooks' "The Dance?"

    Annie in Texas

    1. Awww...I knew it was you, Annie! And I LOVE 'The Dance'.

  3. Glad you're here, Andrew. The crucible you mention takes me there to the memories, when God came alive in a thousand ways to my broken self and weary heart. The crucible changes you and you are glad for the lessons quietly hidden and realized in the heart. Your soul comes alive to the infinite beauty of life. It's the song of the soul set free. I'm happy for you. In your broken body you are more alive and free than those hampered by their physical limitations. Praying.

    1. Norma, my dear friend...this is just so lovely! "The song of the soul set free."

      That's EXACTLY right!

      I'm so grateful that you're here, and for your prayers.

  4. Can't stop by without a cyber hug. Praying as much for you as I am son.

    1. Jane, it's so nice, the cyber-hug! And you and your son are in our prayers.

  5. Sending hugs and prayers your way Andrew!! {{HUGS}}

    1. Barbara, the hugs and prayers are very, very appreciated!

  6. I find myself reading through a few of your blog posts today. I have to tell you something. Although I now live in Arizona, I am originally from Long Island. I know Pat Benatar as we were classmates.