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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 434 - Caregiving's Impatient Love {#adventphoto2017}

I wonder if Mary sometimes found Jesus hard to love.

Maybe not hard to love, exactly, but exasperating...like the time He stayed behind in Jerusalem, hanging out at the Temple.

And they looked everywhere for Him.

No less love, but I suspect more than a bit of impatience.

Caregiving's like that. A patient can get on your last frayed nerve...but the love doesn't stop.

The patience for the patient, at that moment, might!

Music from Jars Of Clay, with Love Came Down At Christmas.

Today's keyword for Advent-Photo-A-Day is love.

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  1. Andrew and Barb. It's Christmas night and I'm praying for you both to have patience, strength, courage, and God's amazing peace. May the love of Barb's caregiving wash over you Andrew as Mary's oil washed over Jesus. And may both of you feel the loving arms of God wrap around you. Andrew, I also have a favor to ask. When you see Jesus will you put in a good word for my brother who is battling an aggressive cancer? His name is Hugh and we are praying for his salvation through all of this. In the meantime, I am praying for miraculous healing for you both. Much love in Jesus.

    1. Julie, thank you so much for these lovely, loving wishes. We're so very grateful. And of course, Andrew will be praying for Hugh, and will speak to Jesus on his behalf.

      Christ's love back, from both of us, on this Christmas Night.

  2. Andrew - again, you nail it. The love never stops, but at times the patience wears thin. I think that being the patient and the caregiver are both roles that require grace. Thank God for His! Prayers for you and your wife this Christmas, Andrew!

    1. Carol, you're so right...caregiving requires grace from both caregiver and patient, and it can be so hard!

      Many thanks for the prayers, and we hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.