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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 416 - Caregiver's Vision {#adventphoto2017}

Mary had a vision for what lay ahead.

She knew that her baby was the Messiah, and she knew the book of Isaiah.

She new He would be rejected by the people He had come to save, and that He would be tortured to death.

And that He would rie again, but how could one wrap one' heart around that hope?

In the meantime, he had a boy to raie. The vision had to give way to today.

So, too, with my wife. he nows that my fate is something beyond horrible, that the pain she's witnesed is nothing compared to what will come.

And he has to set that aside, to be cheerful and brave, to make Today worth remembering, and cherishing.

What kind of courage is that?

Muical accompaniment is from  , with Mary, Did You Know?

Today's keyword for Advent-Photo-A-Day is vision.

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