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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 415 - Caregiver, Please Wait For Me {#adventphoto2017}

Dear Caregiver, I can't keep up.

My stride can't match yours.

My speech is tentative, and I know you want to finish my sentences.

My thoughts are slow now, and I am embarrassed.

Please wait for me.

I can still contribute to our life; please give me time, and a chance.

I won't let you down, for this is all I have left.

One wonders about mary and Joseph, traveling to Bethlehem. They would have been in caravan, because it wan't wise to travel alone, but a pregnant lady on a donkey is the slowest of travellers.

One can see Joseph, worried, saying, "Guys? Wait up!" as he and his wife dropped back, passed by their companions.

Did Joseph look at mary, thinking, "Why NOW, when we have to return to Bethlehem?", knowing that it was not under her control, but resentful nonetheless?

Did Mary feel Joseph's anxious impatience, and in her burdened heart, say, "Please wait for me, without irritation."?

And were they finally alone under the wide desert sky?

And is this why they were left with a stable as the birthplace of the Lord Incarnate?

And is this what it means, he who is last shall be first?

Music from John Waller, with While I'm Waiting, from the Fireproof soundtrack

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