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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 419 - Caregiver, What is Justice? {#adventphoto2017}

You're watching someone you love die, and where's the justice?

You've worked hard together to plan a life and a future, and now it's gone.

Out the window and over the airwaves, you see others who seem 'blessed' in their lives and crow about it, and many preachers tell you of the ways 'to unlock God's blessings', and that if you're not getting miracles, the problem lies with you.

Do you feel forgotten or cursed?

I wonder if mary felt like this, on the trip to Bethlehem that most have seemed endless. She was very young, and told by an angel that she would be blessed among women...

...and now here she was, very pregnant and very uncomfortable, riding on the back of donkey (is there any worse way for a pregnant lady to travel?) at the back of a caravan, eating the dust stirred up by the hooves and feet ahead.

Was this how God treated the woman who carried His Incarnate Being inside her?

She thought there would be glory...had she misheard? The discomfort was so bad...was this road the introduction to all the roads ahead?

What she may not have seen, and what most of us certainly don't, is that justice comes in the consummation, not the process.

Please hold on, dear Caregiver. Your road is hard, and like mary beneath the Cross, it will end in heartbreak.

And your suffering is a seed; if you let it fall, and water it with your sincere tears, you will find in the green shoots that will one day appear rebirth and hope.

And justice.

The only 'justice' song I could think of was Toby Kieth an Willie nelson singing Beer For My Horses. Enjoy!

Today's keyword for Advent-Photo-A-Day is justice.

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