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Friday, December 22, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 432 - Caregiver, Remember Your Purpose {#adventphoto2017}

Raising a child isn't easy. Even if He is God.

I wonder, how many times did Mary feel like crying with frustration when Jesus acted...well, like a baby?

And each time she had to catch hold of herself, and remember...this is no ordinary baby. This is God Himself.

Did she then hear a little voice that said, "Yeah, but you'd have to catch and hold your patience for an ordinary child, as well? For is not every child made in My Image?"

Good thoughts for the caregiver, because dealing with a patient can be incredibly draining and frustrating. As the patient, I know...I don't try to be awful, but from the standpoint of 'being efficiently cared for', I often am.

And Barbara has to grit her teeth and remember..."you do it for the least of these, and you do it for Me."

Music from Harry Belafonte, with Mary's Boy Child.

Today's keyword for Advent-Photo-A-Day is remember.

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  1. Please don't mind me, Andrew. I'm going to try this again, my earlier comment disappeared. Let's see of this one does too. I've been trying to get both of my blogs and Google to all synchronize. Other than that, I was glad to read your words of wisdom today. I always look forward to reading what you write. The Lord bless you. Norma

    1. Yay, Norma, you're here! I so look forward to your comments; I treasure them, and your friendship.

      And Blogger is getting a bit weird. Might be time to migrate to WordPress.

  2. I hadn't heard that song in years, and the pictures are much more accurate than most nativity ones. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Andrew, I've missed reading your posts and just spent this evening catching up. Long, boring story, but I haven't been blogging or checking blogs much since August. But I have thought of you, and you are in my prayers. You are a blessing, my friend-who-I have-never-met. Oh how I wish I had some skill, some magic words even, that would heal your body. My heart breaks and anything I can say sounds like a platitude. But I do care, and I do cherish every comment you've made on my blog. I am honored and humbled each time you visit!!

    1. Patti, it is WONDERFUL to see you again! I'd missed you. None of your words are a platitude, my friend, and I know your care comes from the heart...and I am so grateful!