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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where You Were

I think that a lot of us will remember where we were yesterday, when we heard the news about the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

These killings are something so far outside our experience as to be stunning, in the worst possible way.

Where do we turn, to understand, to compare?

How about the Bible? What about King Herod, having the babies killed, for fear of the Baby Jesus?

You can argue that Herod's decision was political, but don't bother. To kill, or order the killing of the most innocent among us is to set oneslef so far apart, so bereft of humanity, that there is no road back.

It's no comfort at all, and yet it us. Because even if we haven't seen this before, God has.

And He understands.


  1. I was in my living room. I still remember barely getting off the couch that day as I wept for those lives lost. One of the boys looked so similar to one of my own boys. I wrote a piece that day that I never shared about the depravity of man and how apart from Christ these things will never cease to happen. Such a dark day.

    1. Kristi, I hope that one day you will share that writing. The world needs faith-filled voices.

      The world needs Christ, and with your hands holding pen and paper, you can be His hands.