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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Presence

They can't deny it. Oh, they can deny the day, and the year, and even the time of year.

But Jesus Christ was born. About 2000 years ago. Several contemporary accounts, written by men who are regarded as true commentators, place Him on this earth, at about that time, in that place.

He started alone, and at the time of His death had twelve close friends, and several tens of followers.

With these, He changed a world. His message of love and hope took hold, spreading across the Middle East and Europe, traveling east to India and Asia, and eventually coming to dominate the Americas.

People chose to accept death, in the process of delivering that message. They were crucified and stoned, filled with arrows and devoured by lions. This didn't happen in the flush of enthusiasm, with His commanding presence looming large over their lives...rather, it often happened decades after He'd gone.

All this points to one thing...He is Real.

So is His message.

He was born among farm animals, and because of that...

...you will not die.

Merry Christmas!

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