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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 649 - Will We Have Feet In Heaven?

I don't think about Heaven a lot - what will be, will be - but recently Barb and I talked for a bit about what our 'bodies' would be like.

Would they be 'celestial', or would they be soething like what we have now, only perfected?

We won't have infirmities, but will we, like Jesus, carry scars? And what about tats...will they be just...LOST????

I don't have any, and neither does Barb...but what about those who do, and treasure them?

Barb, ever the pragmatist, also pondered the question of waste elimination. I somehow doubt that will be a problem.

And there are other questions...

Do you think that when we get there,
that we will have our feet?
I suspect that we might need a pair
to walk some golden street.
Or maybe we'll have wheel and tire,
with sound treadlife untold,
so passerby we can inspire;
burnouts on the streets of gold!
Or perhaps we'll soar on wings,
above the Throne a barrel-roll,
but what congestion that could bring
for God's air-traffic control!
My feeling's feet, and that's what I'd choose,
but tell me...shall we be needing shoes?

What do you think? What will we 'be' in Heaven?

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  1. (((((Andrew)))))

    I love your style! Well done, you.

    I'd like to think along the lines of being able to be everywhere at the same time, or a sort of teleport ability ("Beam me up/down/left/right").

    I have lost some vision in one eye from a stroke of the optic nerve, and I like to think that when I get to Heaven, my vision will be more than restored; I will be able to see in every direction (and I mean even directly above and below) simultaneously.

    I am reminded of something Aunt Beast told Meg in "A Wrinkle in Time." When asked if she knows what things look like - she said she knows what things ARE like. What a thought! How much MORE we will know!

    Our pastor told the story of the little frog who lived at the bottom of a well and believed he was so blessed to have food and water and a comfortable life. Then one day he finally left the well and came into the world outside and had so much more that he had never imagined. When we leave our "well" behind and come into Heaven, we will have so much more than we can imagine now.

    (If we get shoes, I'd like cowboy boots.)

    Annie in Texas

    1. ((((((Annie!))))))

      First and foremost, I'm sorry for the vision loss. I have had eye injuries, but nothing permanent.

      I love the thought of knowing what things are like, rather than what they look like. Thank you for sharing this image, and for this wonderful, thoughtful comment.

      I'll reserve a pair of cool boots for you.

  2. Good golly, one could ponder this forever... or at least until Jesus says, "Come up here!" I don't think about it much myself. I'm comfortable with what God tells us in His Word. I do look forward to being part of God's Army! Although, me being as clumsy as I am, He may just have me stand on the sidelines and keep score... rather than give me a weapon. 😆

    Prayers for you guys!

    1. Love the humilty, humour and grace in your words here, Diana!

      One could indeed ponder it forever...but like you, I'm happy in the knowing when I get there.
      Thank you so much for the prayers!

  3. Unspeakable JOY will be in heaven. I believe there is a vibrancy of glorious life energizing everything. And especially LOVE, Christ love, will permeate heaven's atmosphere. We'll be our best selves and that's kind of exciting, don't you think? Nice topic, Andrew.

    1. My dear Norma, you said this perfectly..."We'll be our best selves..."

      Thank you so much!

  4. Heaven is completely outside time and space. (God created time "In the beginning...) and our earthly minds can't imagine what it will be like. We won't have or want physical bodies, but we'll be able to recognize each other. And we do know we'll be filled with such love, joy, and peace that we can't begin to imagine those feelings here and now.

    1. Jan, the way you phrased this is just so lovely, and I am filled with longing.

      Thank you!