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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 640 - Romance

I guess this could be called misery, because everything's so truly falling to bits within me. Barb tries to take some of the work of taking care of the dogs, but it doesn't help, because it hurts the same to sit and rest as it does to keep moving.

And if I would say I am not having the time of my life I'd be lying.

I was born for this.

They say that in the poet's heart
should sprout a most romantic fleur.
Perhaps it's so, but for my part
the thing I love the most is war.
Born unto the killing grounds
I welcome this dear final chance
and however you think it sounds,
to me, cancer's just a dance.
I never wished to fade away,
all wrinkled, lined, and old.
Lord, let me face the flames today
with a heart still young and bold.
Live and die the warrior-dream;
Valhalla awaits, and I'm evergreen.

Music from John Denver, with How Can I Leave You Againi.

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Friends are everything. I couldn't have done it.

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  1. Michelle in AlabamaJuly 3, 2019 at 9:24 PM

    Andrew, I would wish for you a kinder, gentler dance partner than cancer...but you are obviously one of God's own dear warrior sons. :)

    In "Ministry of Healing" E.G. White writes, "The fact that we are called upon to endure trial shows that the Lord Jesus sees in us something precious which He desires to develop. If He saw in us nothing whereby He might glorify His name, He would not spend His time in refining us. He does not cast worthless stones into His furnace."

    Thank you for your faithful testimony during this time in His furnace. You, Barb, and even the doggies are in my prayers. And I will pray with you that you "face the flames today with a heart still young and bold."

    1. Michelle, thank you for this wonderful afirmation, and for the words of E.G. WHite.

      We truly appreciate your prayers. God is here, and in spite of everything,, I'm OK.

  2. Bless you. I'm praying for you and your family.

    1. Karen, thank you so much for being here, and most especially for your prayers.

  3. (((((Andrew)))))
    I love your words!
    Annie in Texas

    1. ((((((Annie!))))))

      I love that you're here. You make a difference.

  4. Replies
    1. Jan, thank you...and please know that I am carried on the shoulders of my stalwart friends.

      Friends like you.

  5. Aw, yes. The way it is. Glad for your spirit.

    1. My dear Norma, you don't know how vital your words are, at this moment.