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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 646 - Did Jesus Gently Laugh?

Looking back can be painfully funny.

When I started writing, I always maintained that I wanted to honour Christ, but a secret sly side of me wanted Him to honour me.

Something like an apple for the teacher.

Things are different now. Really bad things are happening in my body (as is, I need a couple of ice-cold drinks to reduce the lymph-node swelling in my neck long enough to let me try to eat).

And the tumour I tore is bleeding, and not stopping.

I don't care about my honour.

All I need is a hand to get Home.

I wonder if He laughed inside
when He heard from John and James,
who wanted, both to sit beside
His throne, with honoured names.
Did He giggle at the competition
that did from the others spring?
The point that they were truly missing,
the purpose behind the whole darn thing.
The road to Earth's salvation
would be washed in the Lamb's own blood,
and not in their worst imagination
could the Apostles foresee the flood.
Whose chair's where is a world-conceit;
floor's good for me, at His feet.

Music from Soul Asylum, with Runaway Train, a really lovely ballad.


  1. I would like to think that God/Jesus has/have a kind of humor.

    What's that, Lord? Did I just hear you chuckle?

    I do enough in my life that He probably has been thrown into stitches at my antics.

    But anyway... I agree – the floor at Jesus' feet would be good enough for me. That's where I belong. I can hardly wait to see Him and praise His Name in person!! I pray specifically that the Lord hears your pleas!

    Also, if you are up to it, have a couple seconds to read, could you visit my blog and pray for someone special to our family? Or just pray for a little girl named Lily (age7 or 8) who had a traumatic brain injury yesterday. We need all the prayer warriors we can get. Thanks bunches! (https://underkansasskies.blogspot.com/)

    Keeping you and Barb lifted high to the Lord in prayer!! And the doggies of course!!!

    1. Diana, thank you so much for this, especially with Lily's injury on your mind!

      I think God has to have a sense of humour...every time I look in the mirror, the thought is reinforced.

      Heading over to UnerKansasSkies right now.

  2. I think Jesus invented the facepalm. Especially when He said 'beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees,' and the disciples weren't quite 'on board' with the concept. Instead of understanding the metaphor they jumped a mile with yeast of Pharisses must = bread = and we don't have any!

    1. Claire, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of the facepalming Jesus!