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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 679 - Christ's Comfort Is At Risk

Politics is decidely not my bag. Yes, I have some strong opinions, and if you've been here awhile you can guess at them ("Molon labe!"), but this is not the place to air them.


In the process of dying, I have found my comfort and my hope in Christianity, and it's beyond distressing that that the Warren an Burger Court decisions and the "Lemon Test" have made the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment a tool to persecute Christians for their faith. (And let it be noted that in Europe, parts of the Bible are considered 'hate speech', and pastors have been jailed for airing them.)

We deserve better than this, and if this country's values are not rooted in the principles that were outlined in 1776, with the explicit nod to a 'Creator', we are doomed to a vacuity of purpose, and a complete abrogation of principle to the excercise of expediency.

The government has no right to condemn faith, and thereby hope.

Don't let them.

Yes, my friends, you're vilified,
there are those who would our faith forbid,
and mandate comfort be denied
in a world of which Christ is rid.
I find my hope and faith in He
whose life's is Word's culmination,
but comes, soon, the victory
to whom God is abomination.
He's banished from the public square,
and many call the Good Book 'hate';
we are belaboured everywhere
with loathing that does not abate.
I fear this land becomes a bust,
a mockery of "In God We Trust."

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