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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 682 - No Yesterday, No Tomorrow

And so another really terrifying night, and I am so far past a reluctance to admit to fear.

But the thing about both pain and fear is that the bind you to the present, an that's not a bad thing. Memories can't drag you back, and in a sensed rug you with memory, and the future's opium-pipe of striving is doused.

You've got to be there, in the moment.

Win or lose.

I don't look forward, don't look back,
it only matters where I am.
History's bunk, the future's jack
and I have no master plan.
I've got no golden photo-past
to leaf through the days of yore
for things are moving very fast,
and yesterday's a bore.
Likewise it seems the coming days
will be harder than I want to face,
I'll have to trust to find the ways
to counter death's embrace.
You think me an odd, nihilistic duck,
but today's the day to make my luck.

Here's Bob Seeger, with Still The Same.

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  1. (((((Andrew))))

    Another day.
    Another poem.
    Another moment.
    Another victory!

    Praying for pain-free (or at least pain-minimal) moments.

    Annie in Texas

    1. ((((((Annie!))))))

      Thank you so much for this.

      Charles Dickens once wrote that sufering broke and reshaped him, and he hoped that it was into a better form.

      So do I.

  2. My friend Andrew with the poetic flare
    Is more than he realizes in my prayer
    But I hope he keeps his poems in some nook
    And one day collects them into a book
    For his words, though expressing a dire state,
    Inspire others to hold fast to their faith
    Thus fulfilling 2nd Corinthians 1:4
    And ensuring we meet on that heavenly shore

  3. J, thank you so much for this! It's a wonderful poem, and you have so brightened my day!