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Monday, October 21, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 687 - "What Can I Do?"

I often hear the question, "What can I do? How can I help you?"

Well, if you've got a spare Ferrari...

Kidding. Couldn't get one up my road except on the back of a truck.

Seriously, if you want to help someone who's terminal, just show up, be encouraging, and be willing to listen when the fear takes hold.

And remember that the dying person is still a person, with hopes and dreams that survive even the worst prognosis. Don't put those down; they may be the foundation that gives an individual the strength to face a worse tomorrow.

That's way better than a Ferrari. Well, sort of.

If you want to help in healing,
come on up and play a game.
Do not ask, "How are we feeling?"
for I still have my own name.
Bring a six-pack and a movie,
nothing tragic, nothing deep.
Let us seek to find the groovy,
and don't worry if I sleep.
Help me out in what I'm doing;
I have a life, and it goes on,
not in sitting, waiting, brooding,
but in hope for a new dawn.
And most of all, please bring a heart
that listens when I fall apart.

Obviously, the accompanying music comes from the Fab Four.

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  1. Have you watched Secondhand Lions? Just thought I'd like to sit down and watch that with you. Still praying for you and Barb, Andrew.

    1. Jane, I haven't seen it, and would love to.

      We're so grateful for your prayers; know that you remain in ours.

  2. I'm just gonna say it. I saw a Ferrari yesterday, and I can only imagine the mileage you'd get out of that baby. ;)

    But seriously, this is such a beautiful primer for showing up and genuinely being there for people who are terminal. I so appreciate your words, Andrew. And I'm filing them away in my heart, because I know I'll have opportunities to live them out.

    Sending you prayers and a very gentle hug, my friend.

    1. Jeanne, it's not the mileage that counts.

      It's the smileage.

      I'm so glad this resonated this you, and so appreciative of the prayers and hugs1

  3. You are amazing. I love your attitude and enjoy your poetry. Of course I won't stop praying for you.

    1. Jan, thank you! I truly am grateful for your words, and for your prayers.

  4. The same goes for those of us who grieve, whether a spouse died, a son, a parent, or whoever. And in other situations. Just be there, people!

    I say we all show up at Andrew & Barbara's house for movies, popcorn, junk food, and bring your own drink of choice! Yeah!

    Prayers and a heap o' bein' there for you guys, even from a distance.

    1. Diana, everyone showing up is a GREAT idea!!!!!!

      Prayers are so appreciated!