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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Your Dying Spouse 461 - Better Days Ahead

Being unable to go to church any longer, I hear a lot of TV preachers...I almost exclusively watch Trinity Broadcasting (TBN) these days.

And a lot of them repeat the message that no matter what your situation, your best days are ahead.

As I write this, under the weight of pain I can only describe as evilly, unbelievably harsh, I agree...


...if I choose to make it so.

God isn't a genie...rub the magic lamp, say the right words, and your problems are solved. Not.

Our God died with blood-flecked foam on His Lips, His lacerated Back torn by the rough wood of the Cross.

By choice.

That wasn't one of His better days, except that it was, because it was the door that led to the Resurrection.

And His Resurrection saved us all.

A good day indeed.

As there's a pretty fair chance I won't be able to use this song next Christmas, I'll give you the Goo Goo Dolls and their lovely (and aptly named) Christmas song, Better Days.

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  1. My friend so few words, but such good ones. Our best day was Christ's worst day. Resurrection and redemption. What a glorious day! Love, hugs and prayers always.