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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 347 - Freefall

Not up to writing much, physically it's like the go-kart of my life is headed down Death Mountain with no brakes.

Kind of a cool ride, but for the dry heaves that got really violent broke something in my throat. Now I swallow funny.

And did you know you could break a tooth while retching? Neither did I.

Neither did Service Dog Ladron. The tooth whacked her in the face; she thought I was trying to bite her.

The things we learn!

One might be tempted, at times, to think this is quite unfair...but it's not, really. The positive side of the ledger completely overwhelms the negative, with a wonderful wife, darling dogs (well, Bella did nip my ankle this morning...she's the little broken-backed terrier, and I didn't feed her fast enough), and loving, caring friends, most of whom I will not meet in this life.

There's still stuff I can do, albeit slowly, and I still have the unshakeable hope that I will beat this thing.

And there is the God that whispers strength in my ear. He never promised ese; He did promise His Faithful Love. He delivers on that every day.

Oh and did I mention my wonderful wife...the one who just got some on-sale fringed boots?

She's on the lookout for a fringed vest.

And a trilby hat. She's gonna look like Tom Petty.

Now, music...in the mood for some U2? You are?



  1. How do you do this, Andrew? No need to answer because I do know. It's called grace and a whole lot of wherewithal - you have enough for yourself and all the woof's. A vest with fringe? I'm going shopping.

  2. I've got the vest! It's in my kids dress up box, but they would not be happy if I sent it to Barb. Actually, the vest I'm thinking of might not be fringe, it be tiger stripped...but I do have an Indian dress with fringe, that Grandma made for my oldest several years ago. (Does laughing make it hurt more?)

    I'm glad you were up to writing today.

    My friend Traci passed into the arms of Jesus a week ago yesterday. Her hubby Joel and 4 kiddos are holding on. (oldest is in college). God gave her 10 years after her first battle. She was fearless and kept pushing forward making memories for her family even when she felt terrible. She was a curly red-head that thought of everyone before herself. You'll LOVE her!
    Always praying

    1. So very sorry for the loss of your friend Traci, many prayers going up for all. ♥

    2. Thanks Diana! She was an amazing woman that touched many lives. The loss leaves a void in many hearts, even those of us that had not been close to her for years. One day we will all be reunited around the Father's throne.

  3. I am always so amazed at your tenacity and power to endure through such horrible experiences that plague you every day, Andrew. We all are. And you give us the perspective needed to keep one foot in front of the other in our own challenges and lives. I still pray for you daily--have all throughout my blogging break. And I know you've had it especially hard lately, but I do hope the sight of your lovely wife in her fringed boots gives you a boost of joy, my friend! I'm sure she is a lovely sight to behold!

  4. You are amazing! Of course I'll keep praying for you, and for Barbara.

  5. So sorry for the no-brake-go-kart-retching-throat-hurt-tooth-loss-ladron-whack-bella-nip time you've had! But ever so thankful you could write for a bit! God gives us a boost just when we need need it, huh. He and His Love never leave us.

    I have a pair of fringed mocassins I made myself and love their comfort on my arthritic feet. I bet Barbara's boots are so cool! I've always wanted fringed boots. Hope she finds that fringed vest and trilby hat too!

    Keep on with your unshakeable hope! Continued prayers for all of you!