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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 217 - I Want Your Future

I'm jealous and I admit it, dear wife.

I want your future.

I want to feel the challenges of moving up in a business organization, earning respect - and new, harder challenges - day by day.

Writing keeps me off the sidelines, but since I can't carry on a coherent face-to-face conversation any more, the immediacy of personal contact - and the satisfaction that comes with it, from being part of a team - is absent.

So, yeah, I'm jealous.

I'll never say this directly I admire you, more than you will ever now. I don't lack the words, but I do lack the means to deliver them.

And I wish that, for a day or even an hour, I could work with you.

Barbara - you're my hero.

A quick note - the price for Emerald Isle has been reduced from $9.99 to $4.99 for the time being. How long 'the time being' will be I don't rightly now. But it costs less for now.

Angela, Faith In The Night, and PTSD And The Holidays are still 99 cents on Kindle.

Much to my surprise, I decided to participate in a '31 Days' blogging exercise; rather than interrupt the flow of this post, I have another blog established, "Starting The Day With Grace". The focus is a grace quote from someone you might not expect (like, say Malcolm X) and a short commentary. I hope you'll join me.

Marley update...he's received a lot of support, but STILL NEEDS HELP TO BE SAVED.


He's up to nearly 200,000 signatures, but the local authorities are dragging their feet. They think that we'll give up and go away. We won't.

If you have a mment, I'd like to ask you to visit Change.org to consider a petition to free a 'death row dog' who has been separated from his family for ten months over a misunderstanding. Marley was saved from Afghanistan by a US serviceman; please help make sure this story doesn't end in needless tragedy! Marley's gotten a lot of support...but he still needs our help.

If you can, please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

Below are my recent releases on Kindle -please excuse their presence in the body of the blog. I haven't the energy to get them up as 'buttons' in the sidebar. You can click on the covers to go to the Amazon links.


  1. Step out on a limb, go ahead, and tell her directly, man. Your words matter, spoken outloud as well as written. This is your legacy ...

    1. I do try to tell her, Linda - every day. Thanks so much for being here!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Paula...I do tell her how much I honour and admire her.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jan. She's awfully busy with her work, but I do try to get the message across in words and a daily prayer I email to her.

  4. Open up to your Barb and tell her how you feel...she will appreciate that, I'm sure. I know I would. My hubby actually does tell me things once in a while, like, "I don't know how I'd do it without you", and that really makes me feel good; though there are other times he doesn't! That's a relationship...yet, yours IS a different situation...JUST TELL HER!!!

    Thinking of you both...and glad to see that you are doing the Write31days challenge...I am doing it; though I've had to hand-write mine since the 6th as for some reason I cannot get into my blog; it is there, but I am not able to get in and edit or make any new posts...been doing a lot of soul-searching and thinking lately; and I may just start a new one...just don't want to lose what I have.

    SORRY...guess I've been away from the computer and connecting for a while!!!

    1. Barbara, thank you so much. My wife doesn't have time to read this blog - her work is really time-consuming, with recently increased responsibilities...but I do try to tell her, in one way o another, every day.

      Sometimes the best way to 'say' something like that is to listen to her when she talks about her day, to listen attentively.

      That is a weird thing about your blog...I've had some small issues with blogger (it likes to make duplicates of my posts as I write them), but never that.

      A question - did the problems develop after your computer went through an automatic update?

      Thanks so much for being here!

  5. It feels like you're being left behind, doesn't it? You're proud of her, but it's no fun to not have the opportunity to excel with the push and demands to achieve and thrive. Of course Barbara needs to know you're excited about her successes and proud of her. No whine, no self-pity or jealousy. Hard to do? Absolutely. Life was never intended to be fair. Believe me, it can be difficult in many respects. Dig deeper, my friend.

    1. Norma, you're absolutely right - you hit the most profound point. I DO feel like I'm being left behind.

      I've learned to be pretty good at not whining. It costs me a lot to talk, in pain, so I choose my words carefully, and I minimise them...and review each sentence before saying it. Anything whiny, anything that sounds like a complaint...it's not needed, and gets edited out.

      Heck of a way to speak!

      I'll keep digging.

  6. You share your heart so openly through your words. Now share your heart with Barbara. These are words she will receive and cherish.

    I love that you have taken on the Write 31 days challenge. Your words are a gift to your readers.

    1. Mary, thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful words! Though Barbara rarely reads this blog - she's VERY busy these days - I do try to tell her, in both words and actions, how much I admire her.

  7. Just tell her, Andrew. Did you get your book? xo

    1. Susn, I do try to tell her through words and the prayers I email her, every day. She is way to busy to read the blog.

      Don't have the book in hand yet, but it depends on when The B can pick up the mail. I am no longer able to walk to the mailbox. Kind of bad, that!

      XOXO WAGWagWag WOOF!

  8. Hi, my friend. You've gotten a lot of advice this week. I'm glad I didn't miss reading your post. Your sentiments are beautiful! Truly beautiful!
    Three words: CUT & PASTE, BABY. 😜 She'll love it. See you tomorrow!