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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 108 - Brave New World

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As I write this...January 18, 2015...I have just learned that one of my favourite singers, Glenn Frey (a co-founder of the Eagles) has died.

He's known for a lot of songs, but I think his best, in terms of vocal and narrative voice, is Brave New World, from the 1991 album Strange Weather.

Brave new World.

That's what the process of dying is all about, really.

All of the old stuff...the framework of the future we all build...it's broken down. Careers evaporate, and a spouse has to re-enter the workplace.

Old friendships die away...it's as if being terminal is contagious...and new ones form.

The old, solid, and more-or-less unthinking faith fails, and has to be replaced by a real reason to believe.

Brave new world, indeed.

I'm well past thinking I'm brave, but a certain amount of courage has to be summoned to meet this, if only the courage to say, I will keep trying for another hour, to make it better...somehow.

It's not all bleakness, unless we choose the iron winter of despair. There are moments of joy, of beauty, of humour.

For the last...like when I reacted to a commercial by saying a product was something "to die for".

Barbara was speechless, and I looked over ather and said, "Well, in a manner of speaking."

This Brave New World is what we make of it.

And dying isn't all that bad.

Some of the experiences are really cool.

To die for.

Out on the blue horizon, the clouds were rollin' in
The ground below was shaking, with the risin' wind
I looked over my shoulder, said goodbye to my home
After today there'd be no turning back, we were on our own
Everyone had taken sides, the battle lines were drawn
We stared into the face of war, and waited for the dawn
Everything that we worked for, they took from our hands
We were left with no choice but to stand up and fight for this land
But don't worry darlin', this will all be over soon
Just remember you will always be my girl,
And somehow you will find the strength
To stand up on your own
And live in this brave new world
How it all came down to this, no one can really say
Every time we cried out for help, they looked the other way
Now there's no turning back, we have got to be strong
We will travel the hard road to freedom, no matter how long
But don't worry darlin', this will all be over soon
Just remember you will always be my girl
These are the times we're born into
This is why we're here
To live in this brave new world

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  1. That line - unthinking faith fails and has to be replaced by a reason to believe - wow. What a powerful statement, and one that I'm sure many have felt, but haven't put words to. I pray that you are blessed with many reasons to believe, Andrew. It's so easy to say when you're on the outside looking in, but I believe with my whole heart that God is good, all the time. May His goodness and mercy and grace pour out on you today.

    1. Lisa, please pardon my delayed reply...a bad concussion slowed me down a bit.

      There are many reasons to believe, reasons that sometimes make my form of faith seem (to others) a bit coldly logical...the Vulcan Church of Christ, perhaps?

      It starts with the utter illogic of such a complex creation without a Creator...I have a PhD in structural engineering, and know something about probability and statistics, and the thought that all...THIS...could be random is just silly. Too many paths would have led to a cold and empty universe...the one that brought us here is simpy statistically inadmissible as a random event.

      Beyond that, there's proof of both Jesus' existence, and the veracity of the Bible as uncovered by both independent written (well, cuneiform on tablet) accounts and archaeology.

      And finally, the Apostles went to their inexorable and nasty fates for something they knew to be true...there is no indication that they were madmen, for only a lunatic would die for a lie.

      See? Spock speaks.

      And God, I think, laughs...and He is here.

  2. I love Glenn Fry, but I'm more familiar with his earlier music, in particular with the Eagles. They were and continue to be one of my favorite groups of all time and I am so sad to hear about Glenn's passing. I can see why that song would really resonate with you, Andrew. I do hope it blesses her. You have left her so many loving and tender messages here. This is a treasure for all of us, but one that is priceless most of all for Barbara.

    1. I hope she'll find this a comfort Beth...with all my heart.

      Oddly enough, I never listened to the Eagles much...but something about Frey's voice as a solo artist (both singing and 'lyricist voice') really caught me. Well, except "You Belong To The City", because I do NOT like cities. I'm not a man of the street...I am a bush pig, and proud of it! Oink!

      Thank you so much for being here, my friend!

  3. Love these words, Andrew; and the song...it was a real loss when we heard of Glenn Fry's death. Isn't it amazing how the words can come at just the right times, and sit with us through whatever it is we are going through at that time!

    That is what has been happening with me, too! Thank you for sharing this...prayers continuing for you and Barb. And, I think you ARE brave, and these words... "I will keep trying for another hour, to make it better...somehow" Yes, keep on trying Andrew...

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara, and you're right...God sends just the right words. We have but to listen.

      And I will keep trying, Barbara...as I write this, it's hard...a brand-new level of pain (and extreme discomfort, connected but distinct)...but to keep trying, that's the job God has given me, and I will do it as well as I can.

      Thank you for being here.