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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 229 - A Future I Won't Share

So, we're voting on Tuesday...two days from now, as I write this.

Unexpectedly, I was able to vote; Barbara very gingerly drove me to the nearby Early Voting Site, and I cast what I fear might be my last ballot. (Though the Almighty has kept me along way past my puzzed doctor's prognostications, so who's to say?)

At the moment I'm hurting bad, and in a philosophical mood, so I'll ask you to consider this question, if you haven't voted yet. I love this country, and I care about its future, whether I'm here or not.

What kind of country to you want?

This isn't about emails or foundations or crude remarks or Twitter-baiting. This is about values.

In the last few years, I think some things have gone terribly wrong. In no particular order, here's what really bothers me.

  • It's OK to call for the killing of police, but not OK to support them.
  • It's OK to disrespect veterans by 'taking a knee' during the national Anthem, and it's OK to set an example for ignorant high-school and college kids to follow because it's 'cool'.
  • You can't freely practice your religion; in public service you can be fired for having a Bible or Qu'ran on your desk. If you're in business you have to serve everyone; a Jewish baker can't refuse baking  cake for a Nazi who wants to celebrate the Holocaust.
  • Veterans die while waiting for VA medical appointments, while the head of that agency compares the lines to Disneyland...and is not reprimanded. Meanwhile, the VA spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on public art.
  • Bullying is rampant, and the rights of the bullies to free speech are the priority of protection.
  • Family pets offered 'free to a good home' on Craigslist are often acquired by those who would torture them to death, and there is no accountability.
  • Adoptions are approved based on race rather than the child's best interests
  • Our staunchest ally in the Middle East, israel, has been repeatedly criticized and humiliated by our current regime. I hesitate to call it a 'government'.
  • Drug trafficking and use is rampant, yet the current regime is more interested in providing sex-change operations for those who wish to be another gender than in actively combating this life-destroying scourge.
  • Pornography riles the Internet, and is invading our homes (witness 'HBO's new production 'Westworld'). It's protected, but Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu speech are not. 
  • A current Supreme Court Justice, Justice Breyer, does not believe that the Second Amendment confers upon one the right to use a firearm for self defense in one's own home.
I could write more, but this stuff's depressing.

Do you want this? Do you approve of the direction we're going?

If not, please consider the above, and more, when you vote.

I won't be here. Your kids will be.

This isn't about personality or temperament or trustworthiness or experience.

This is an election for our country's soul.

Much to my surprise, I decided to participate in a '31 Days' blogging exercise; rather than interrupt the flow of this post, I have another blog established, "Starting The Day With Grace". The focus is a grace quote from someone you might not expect (like, say Ariel Sharon) and a short commentary.

And now that October's over...I'm going to keep it going.  I hope you'll join me.

Marley update...he's probably going to be moved to a sanctuary, and Bay County will revise their 'dangerous dog' codes.


He's up over 200,000 signatures, but PLEASE keep the pressure on. If you haven't signed, please do! Please click o his name in the paragraph below.

If you have a moment, I'd like to ask you to visit Change.org to consider a petition to free a 'death row dog' who has been separated from his family for ten months over a misunderstanding. Marley was saved from Afghanistan by a US serviceman; please help make sure this story doesn't end in needless tragedy! Marley's gotten a lot of support...but he still needs our help.

If you can, please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

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  1. Good thoughts! I will be voting tomorrow. Along side my grandson voting for the first time in his life. It will be his world soon. I hope he takes this vote seriously!

    1. Paula, what a privilege, to vote with your grandson!

  2. It's sobering, and scary. Our words, too, can be removed from the Internet and silenced. Good thoughts, Andrew. This is our responsibility.

    1. Absolutely right, Norma. It is in our hands.

  3. So glad to hear Barb was able to take you to an early voting site so you could vote! I know...sense...it is VERY important to you that you cast your vote. I went on Friday, though I have been sick and wasn't really up to leaving home that day; but didn't want to do it over the weekend when it would be much busier - which it was! I took a friend on Sun. after church and the line was impossible. We left and went to another site and she was in and out in less than 10 minutes!

    The points you made are all very valid and to be taken into consideration. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    1. Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It was quick with us, too. Very efficient and friendly, kudos to the staff.

      Thanks so much for being here.

  4. That whole distant future thing is so close now, isn't it. You and I don't know when our end will come, but we DO want to leave the world better for our having been in it. Our votes feel as though they don't matter - but our interest in the future always matters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Carol, you put this beautifully. Thank you. Our votes...and, really, everything we do matters in setting the tone for a brighter or darker future.

      I so appreciate your presence here (and your post was a knockout).

  5. Powerful words, Andrew. Thank you. You've helped me make my decision tomorrow. Bless you, brother.

  6. Good words, Andrew. Thank you for putting this out there. I hope many read your words and take them to heart.

    1. jeanne, thanks so much. From the way it all turned out...maybe I went viral!

      Thanks so much for being here.

  7. Always good, friend. Glad you got to vote - and glad it turned out the way you hoped it would. xo

    1. Susan, I'm glad too. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

      XOXO WaggyWaggy WOOF!

  8. Well, a surprising turn of events in our country with the election of the unlikely Trump. I am blown away but hopeful that he will deal with all of these inhumanities in his time as president. I'm impressed that you were able to vote, though not surprised, Andrew. Your tenacity and fight to live is always just as surprising as the election has been!

    1. Beth, it was surprising...but I have to admit that I kind of figured that there was a 'sleeper' support network.

      It was good to get out and vote, though the physical process of getting there and back was hard.

      Thanks so much for being here today, my friend. Praying for you.