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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good To Know (Five Minute Friday)

Back again for Five Minute Friday...using my wife's phone as our ISP seems to have been taken over by chimps.

Today's word is GOOD.

No internet, no phone for the past week. The good old days?

Well, yes. Being disconnected from the modern world has given me a different perspective, one that has made me realize how evanescent my presence in the world really is.

These words ARE me; they are nearly the totality of my impact.

It's Good to know.  But not entirely comfortable


  1. Haha! Yes, I've been here. I tried to do "analog weekends" awhile back and it was tough! I need to get back into that, honestly; I'm pretty sure my husband would appreciate it...Happy to be stopping by from FMF. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh to be unplugged... I think it is necessary for all of us to make that happen from time to time! It truly does remind you of what is important, doesn't it? Happy Easter!

  3. And you have a good impact, Andrew! I'm glad to see you're back :)

  4. Thank goodness you're OK ;)

  5. Once we get used to being plugged in, it's weird to unplug. Enjoy it as you can . :)

  6. We live in such a technology based world. Unplugging from the world is something we all should do more. Enjoy your time of being unplugged!

  7. Andrew, I've missed "hanging out" with you at our common sites this week. :) Being unplugged, even unwillingly, can be frustrating. But it definitely shifts perspectives.

    I know the Word says all of our lives are evanescent (I like that word, by the way ;) ). But I wonder if what matters, regardless of how long we're here, is what we do and how well we live out our days. You have an impact on many lives.

    Praying for a peaceful weekend for you, Barb and the dogs. :)

  8. So good to see you back, Andrew...you are truly missed when we don't "hear" from you!! I find it rather like a slap in the face to be with others who always seem to be "plugged in" to their phone or ipad or whatever...being unplugged sounds like a good thing to be, at least periodically to get our focus back...but being plugged in does connect us all to each other!

    Take care and may God be with you and your family this Easter season.

  9. Andrew, Yeah a male on FMF! Well done. Yes, tech free is good sometimes. My husband and I figured out that cruises were are best way to disconnect...he is an IT on call guy...so going out into the ocean and locking that phone in the safe is really the best way for us to disconnect from tech and reconnect as a family. Glad we did that recently. Hope you and your wife have a happy Easter. Connect with Him! FMF friend, Jenn

  10. It's good to be unplugged sometimes, then the hard - but very rewarding- work of the old fashioned communication begins. Do we remember this? The younger generation may not. Hope you had a great Easter, friend.