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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marriage Book

Books about marriage...it seems like everyone and his personal trainer has written one.

I'm waiting for Mick Jagger's contribution.

But seriously, while recognizing that content is obviously important, what may be even more vital is what I call "demonstrated willingness".

Taking the time to read a book that can benefit your marriage (and can make you uncomfortable in the bargain) is both a statement of faith, and a statement of commitment.

It says "we are important to ME".

There are few more heartfelt statements one can make.

I'm linking to Messy Marriage, but as I am trying to write this on my wife's smart phone, adding the link back is beyond me. I figure I'm doing good to get this far.

I'll try to respond to comments when it's possible to borrow the phone...please do comment for the benefit of other visitors, and please be patient for my response...I'm still here, though the past couple of weeks have been rather an ordeal.


  1. So the internet chimps are still having a party over there?!
    and yes... 'you're doing good' in so many ways. Sorry to hear about the ordeal, though.

  2. Yes, reading the content of that marriage book does show you are taking it seriously and the marriage IS important to you! I do that with reading books on dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease...just read "Still Alice" and see so many things in her that I see in my husband.

    Thank you for sharing, Andrew; and glad to see you are "doing good". We DO worry about you when we don't hear anything from you in a day or so...still praying.

  3. I love that statement, "It says 'we are important to ME'." I'm going to share that on Twitter, Andrew. And I agree that we must be willing to constantly give and learn how to love our mates better. It's as if we must get an advanced degree in marriage to really find and create that elusive bond and intimacy we all crave. Continuing to pray for you, Andrew!