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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Right Focus - Tuesdays@Ten

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"We don't have enough sex!"

"He doesn't listen to me!"

"She always has to watch Downton Abbey, and I think it's stupid!"

He leaves his towels on the bathroom floor, and I have to pick them up!"

All very valid marriage issues. However...

Did you know that 18,000 kids will starve to death today?

If you do the math, that's six million a year, a number that should be familiar.

But maybe that number's too big. And it's only about 0.1% of the Earth's population.

So let's put it in perspective. I live near Albuquerque, a city of about 700,000.

So that would be, what, 700 kids starving to death in town, every year. That's do-able, since it's only two a day.

And on December 31, maybe we can pile their little bodies in a square in Old Town. Kids are small. It won't be a big pile.

But that might keep the tourists away. Better not.

So maybe, instead, we can focus on what's right in our marriages,and in our lives.

Like there's someone who has promised to stay with us, no matter what.

Like at the end of the day, we have someone to hug (and DO it!).

Like...but hey, that's a big enough list of blessings, because a lot of perfectly nice people will die today, and be deprived of even that.

Focus on the love that's in your life, and that is REAL.

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  1. Oh, yes!!! Andrew, how true your words resonate with me!! "Focus on the love that's in your life, and that is REAL"...I haven't written mine yet; I'm letting the word surround me for now as I put together what I can say about it...

    I have read a couple of your other posts and will go back and read more...

    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Barbara, thank you so much!

      Focus can be tough, because what we want to focus on isn't always what we NEED to focus on.

      Something I learn over and over again...

  2. You make an excellent point here. The world is full of need, and while it's true that there are limits to what I can do for others, it is too easy to excuse my own indifference and complicity in oppression and injustice by thinking I have a right to certain things in my marriage - like more sex.

    1. You put that so well - thank you for the contribution (and please pardon my delayed reply!)