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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LOVE-U For A Better Marriage - L for Linger

Almost all of us want our marriages to be better than they are; we can 'feel' a model for perfection in our souls, and we're acutely conscious of where we fall short. (Reality TV personalities may be an exception, since they can make something of a career out of dysfunctionality.

The model for perfection is, of course, God's love for us; marriage is a sacramental relationship, and ideally it should mirror our relationship with the Almighty - and vice versa.

We can't hit the bull's eye every time, but there are concrete steps we can take to move in the right direction.

My suggestion is the LOVE-U Plan. As you may have guessed, it's an acronym:

L- Linger
O - Observe
V - Validate
E - Empathize
U- Unbend

Today we'll talk about the first letter - L for Linger.

Saying that the world is in a hurry is a painful cliche. The labour-saving devices that infest our lives and drain our bank accounts simply create more excuses...oh, I mean opportunities...for multitasking.

We are expected to get more done - at work and in play - because we can.

And there's no time to linger.

When was the last time you just "hung out" with your husband or wife? Just shared the same space without the need or itch to try to do something?

It's tough, isn't it?

But just as God revealed Himself in a still, small voice, so too do we need those "still, small moments" to see God in our mate.

But how?

Start slow. Don't try to linger for an hour. Try sitting on the porch, watching the sun set, for ten minutes, holding hands.

Don't talk.

Don't think about later.

Stay in the moment. Concentrate on the visual beauty you're sharing, and the feel of your mate's hand.

As God's voice was small, start with the small moment.

Kind of like a grain of mustard seed.

How do you linger with your husband or wife?

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  1. Beautiful, Andrew. I love that in spending time together, you mention to just start slow. Sit on the porch for a few. Don't have to talk.

    We've developed a horrible addiction of watching Shark Tank lately! Mercy me!!