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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Of Lost Loved Ones

A recent theme on TBN has been 'lost loved ones', meaning, of course, family members who are 'unsaved'.

My cup may runneth over, but my patience for sure boileth over.

Enough is enough. The recent tornado in Oklahoma ought to tell us that a lost loved one is a dead loved one.

I don't know God's mind. Neither do you, and neither do those who would pretend to speak on His behalf.

I can only say what it looks like from this worm's-eye-view. And it looks like this - that God, and only God, decides who is theologically lost, and is not.

And we'd best keep our eyes on our own souls, and on our own consciences.

Certainly, share your experience of Christ. Tell the world what He's done for you! That's the Gospel, that's what the Good News is all about.

But don't, pray, put on your royal vestments and stand in front of the curtain, and dare to tell me what the Presence beyond the curtain is thinking. That's what the Wizard of Oz did.

"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Your own salvation. Not mine. And certainly not the salvation of the woman who carried my unborn child, gunned down before my eyes over twenty years ago.

Don't tell me that she's gone to hell because she was unsaved. DON'T. I mean it.

I doubt that I'll change any minds, or any messages that clog our religious airwaves.

But maybe, just maybe, in this darkness - someone is listening.


  1. Oh my. Your heart is wide open and you, big brother, are blowing my mind.

    Fight on and wow, you know I'm listening.