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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Musical Haunts

Have you ever been haunted by a tune that you just can't place?

I have. There was one that I could pick out on the piano, and run through my head, and whistle (badly), but I could never identify it. Friends I asked couldn't place it, either, when I played it for them. They found it familiar, too.

I was beginning to think I'd come up with something on my own.

But, no. The mystery's solved. It was a slightly modified version of The Seekers' "A World of Our Own", dating back nearly fifty years. It was hardly a flash in the pan - it received a lot of radio airplay through the early 70s.

'My' version is slightly different - it preserves the melodic structure but changes just enough to make the tune 'familiar but I can't place it'.

So - mystery solved.

Now for another one - what I suspect was a jingle for an ad campaign, though I could have sworn it was a song from the early 70s. It included the lyrics:

Green lights and blue skies,
and miles of open road

Any hints?

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